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Bones Bearings

Bones Reds, Swiss and Ceramics

Bones Bearings team rider Walker Ryan with an ollie. It’s the year 1983. George Powell founds the most influential bearing brand in the skateboard world: Bones Bearings. Bones Bearings were the most important skateboard bearings at that time and still are to this very day! Bones Reds and Swiss bearings are the number one choice among pros. Their skate team has included a team of A-List skate celebrities for decades: Nyjah Huston, Chris Cole, Sean Malto, Ishod Wair, Jamie Thomas, Mark Suciu, Brandon Westgate and Lance Mountain are just a handful of names that skate for Bones Bearings.

Bones Bearings: Skate Rated and Skater-Approved

Always popular: Bones Reds. Bones Bearings are not industry-grade bearings that randomly happen to function on a skateboard. They’re bearings that were specifically designed for skateboarding performance. That’s why Bones rejects industrial ABEC ratings (“not specific enough”) in favor of their own Skate Rated™ system. All “skate rated” bearings from Bones Swiss to Bones Red are way more abrasion-resistant, smoother and faster than their competition could ever hope to be. They’re also easy to clean. Cleaning your bearings also guarantees them longer durability and functionality. Detailed information on how to properly clean your Bones Bearings products can be found in our Skateboard Wiki online.

Bones Bearings - History in the Making!

Bones is serious about constantly improving their already superb product range, and their willingness throughout the past thirty years to adapt to the needs of skaters and test out new methods has led to their bearings becoming the absolute standard in skateboarding. Whether pro or amateur, every skater that rides Bones once will be instantly hooked. Their huge selection of different bearings and various accessories are first-class, top-quality products for a fair price.

Which Bones Bearings are the right ones for me?

Bones Swiss Bearings from Bones Bearings. Okay, so what kind of bearings should we get if we decide to “go Bones”? For the beginner and the skateboarder who’s concerned with quality but doesn’t have all that much experience yet, the Bones Reds would be great for you. They’re the top-selling skateboard bearings of all time. Yup. Their durability, speed and an excellent price/quality relationship are to thank for that. Wanna take things to the next level? Want more speed, more precision, a steadier ride? Try out the Bones Swiss Bearings for size! The Swiss aren’t just good at making chocolate, clocks and harboring the money of international war criminals, they make bearings which are the absolute cream of the crop, too. These bearings are top of the game - they’re in the metaphorical Champions League of skateboard bearings! The ceramic bearings reduce abrasion and rubbing thanks to their precise finishing process and are the fastest bearings on the planet.