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Cruiser Skateboards - Perfect For Relaxed Cruising! If you’re looking for a smooth and comfortable ride, a cruiser (also called a cruiser skateboard) is just right for... weiterlesen

Cruiser Skateboards - Perfect For Relaxed Cruising!

If you’re looking for a smooth and comfortable ride, a cruiser (also called a cruiser skateboard) is just right for you! Cruiser boards are mainly characterized by slightly softer and larger wheels compared to a classic skateboard. This makes them fast and perfect for casual riding or skating further distances. Pushing is especially fun on a cruiser. If you just need to run up to the bakery or corner store, a cruiser is the optimal ride! Want to learn more about Cruisers? Then you've come to the right place! We’ve summarized everything you need to know about cruisers right here so you can find a cruiser board that suits you best in the Titus Online Skateshop!

Who Are Cruiser Skateboards Best For?

Cruiser skateboards are ideal for fast and comfortable cruising on the road or sidewalk. They’re great for getting from point A to B or just for having fun cruising. Beginners and experienced skaters will enjoy a cruiser skateboard. For skating over a long distance, longboards are generally the best choice. Check out this big selection of longboard completes. If you’re interested in learning skateboard tricks and not just cruising, check out complete skateboards. You’ll also find a selection of kids complete skateboards for younger riders.

Cruiser Decks - What You Need To Know About Materials & Shapes

Like skateboards, cruisers usually have a deck made of wood. However, cruisers have virtually no limit to the shape of the board. From classic ’80s old-school board shapes to decks with a completely wacky shape, anything is possible with cruiser skateboards. Some cruisers like Penny Boards feature a deck made of plastic. These cruisers ride super agile and their lightweight, compact size makes them great for travel as they fit in just about any backpack.

How Wheelbase Impacts The Ride of Your Cruiser Skateboard

The steering performance of a cruiser is influenced not only by its trucks but also its wheelbase. The wheelbase is the distance between each of the trucks under the board. The longer the wheelbase, the more stable the cruiser is, which is better at higher speeds. A shorter wheelbase gives the board more agility and maneuverability.

A Cruiser Board With or Without a Kicktail?

Like skateboards, cruiser boards generally have a nose and a tail at the front and rear of the deck. A kicktail is when the rear of the board has a slight upward turn. With a kicktail, a cruiser basically has everything you need to do an ollie. In addition, decks with a kicktail can be steered more precisely because you can easily lift the front wheels off the ground to make a more immediate turn.

Cruiser Trucks – Standard Kingpin vs. Reverse Kingpin

Cruiser trucks are an important part of the steering characteristics of a cruiser. Oftentimes, cruisers simply use quality skateboard trucks with a standard kingpin. These trucks offer great control and smooth carves when adjusted properly. Some cruisers are equipped with reverse kingpin trucks, which are also popular with longboards. As the name implies, reverse kingpin trucks have the truck’s kingpin mounted on the opposite side of the truck. This kingpin design provides a particularly agile and responsive steering response with the tightest turns.

Soft Cruiser Wheels For Speed & Comfort

Soft or very soft skateboard wheels are used on cruisers. These soft wheels allow the board to roll smoothly and comfortably over small sidewalk cracks or rougher pavement. In addition, they will generally have a slightly longer roll than a standard wheel, so you don’t have to push so often when skating. The rolling noise is also much quieter than with hard wheels and a bigger size means that they will roll over small stones without as much risk of making you fall.

Cruisers For Specific Types of Skating

Besides cruising, cruiser boards are suitable for other types of skating. Check out these boards for Carving, Freeride, and Slalom. These complete cruisers are designed for optimum performance within these different disciplines.

Can I Turn My Skateboard Into a Cruiser?

You can definitely turn your skateboard into a cruiser! Do you have a spare deck laying around? Jackpot! Give your old setup a fresh set of cruiser wheels and hit the streets. With the right skateboard wheels, your DIY cruiser will be ready-to-roll!