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Kids Protection Sets

Skateboard Protection Gear for Kids It’s always the most difficult in the beginning. Especially in skateboarding, learning to fall and get back up again is... weiterlesen

Skateboard Protection Gear for Kids

It’s always the most difficult in the beginning. Especially in skateboarding, learning to fall and get back up again is crucial to the progression and development of skill. However, it doesn’t have to be so painful! Premium skateboard protection gear brands like TSG and Bullet have created a wide range of stylish and functional wrist guards, knee/elbow pads, and helmets that make learning to skate safer and a lot more fun. You can find all the latest skate protection gear here at Titus.

Knee, Elbow and Wrist Protection Sets for Kids

As a skater, you learn something and improve with every fall. Whether learning tricks on your new complete skateboard, kids skateboard, or you’re learning to cruise on your cruiser board or longboard, it takes a while to get used to the momentum and feel of skating. Especially when attempting tricks, falls are essentially guaranteed. But, kids can easily keep their knees, elbows, and wrists safe with protection equipment that fits right over their clothes. Say goodbye to bruises and scrapes!

When learning to skate on ramps and attempting your first drop-in, protection sets are highly recommended for kids. Ramp skating is often referred to as “transition” skating, meaning riding on a rounded transition from horizontal to vertical, such as on a half-pipe. The “drop-in” is generally the first manoeuvre that’s learned for this type of skating. This refers to the moment where the skater “drops into” the ramp by placing their board over the edge or “coping” of the ramp and shifting their body weight forward to ride in. It’s extremely rare for a skater to understand the weight shift and sudden acceleration of this trick without previously attempting it. Therefore, it’s essentially inevitable that he/she will fall while learning it. With a protection set, learning is significantly easier as the skater can simply crouch to their hands and knees to slide out of the trick while attempting it. With a little practice, every skater can master the drop-in and it’s essential for learning to skate at a skatepark.

For transition or practically any other type of skating, a suitable helmet should definitely be a part of your protective gear. Especially if the board slips out to the front, it’s often very hard to catch yourself (or your head) from falling to the back. Furthermore, you can fall from a greater height when skating on transition, such as if you get stuck on the ramp coping at the top. Skateboard-specific helmets are designed to offer optimum protection from all sides. Most bicycle or other helmets are not designed for 360-degree protection, especially for the back of the head, generally making them unsuitable for skating.

Safety and Comfort – Freedom of Movement is also Important!

Protection gear from brands like TSG and Bullet is built with long-lasting durability and protection in mind. But, these aren’t the only aspects that make a high-performance protection set! The skateboarding background of these brands has helped them understand the importance of effortless movement and comfort of their pads while skating. The active nature of this sport makes this a necessity. The kids' protection sets found in our online shop offer comfort and move-ability for just pushing on your board as well as for doing tricks. They work great whether you’re cruising downhill on your longboard or tearing through the skatepark on your skateboard. Cheap and uncomfortable pads lack protection and comfort. This makes skating un-enjoyable and often means the pads are taken off because they hurt just to wear. Skating with quality TSG or Bullet pads is safer, more comfortable, and a whole lot more fun!

Faster progression with the help of protection gear!

Children often react quite differently when first learning to skateboard. While some may be more courageous and daring, others may be more calculated and careful. Regardless, a quality protection set provides great benefits for all children. Courageous children are saved from, well, themselves! Cautious children are relieved of their initial restraint and can focus on developing their skill. In all cases, the result is more courage, faster progression, and achievement that the child can really be proud of. Protection sets make learning to skate easier, safer, and even more fun!