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Kids Skateboard Complete

Skateboards for kids – the right choice is crucial! What makes a kids complete skateboard different? Which size is right for me? Do I need any accessories to go with my... weiterlesen

Skateboards for kids – the right choice is crucial!

What makes a kids complete skateboard different? Which size is right for me? Do I need any accessories to go with my first skateboard? We have the answers to all these questions and more! You’ll even find a few tips for guaranteed fun with your new skateboard. In the website category “skate”, you will find a sub-category for Kids Skateboard Completes. All skateboards in this section are shorter and more narrow than a “standard” skateboard, making them perfect for smaller skaters with a height of about 1,30m. If you’re shopping for a skater who is a little taller than this, check out our standard size complete skateboards.

What size skateboard should I get?

Finding the correct kids skateboard starts with the size. The shoe size and height of the skater are good ways to determine which size board they should skate. The width of the skateboard deck should loosely coordinate to shoe size and the length should coordinate with height. Check out the kid's skateboard size chart below.

Size recommendations

Deck Size

US 1 / EU 31
<7” – 7.25”
< 100 cm
< 28”
US 5 / EU 36.5 / 37
7.625” – 8”
100 – 125 cm
28” – 30.5”
US 7 / EU 39
7.875” – 8.125”
125 – 140 cm
28” – 30.5”
US 9 / EU 41.5 / 42
8” – 8.375”
140 – 175 cm
30.5” – 31.875”
US 10 – US 12 / EU 42.5 – EU 45
8.125” – 8.625”
175 – 200 cm
31.875” – 32.5”

Skateboard measurements are generally given in inches. 1“ ≙ 2,54cm.

Which accessories should I consider with my new kids skateboard?

Technically, you don’t need many things besides a skateboard to have fun! However, some things make sense to have, especially for beginners. A pair of skate shoes are very helpful as they’re optimized for support, comfort and durability while skateboarding. Skate shoes usually have two types of sole constructions that alter the way the look, feel, and skate. Shoes with a vulcanized sole offer more flexibility and „board feel” while riding your board. Shoes with a Cupsole construction are generally more robust and can offer more impact protection than a vulcanized shoe. It’s merely personal preference to determine which type of skate shoe is best for you. Be sure to check out our skate shoes for kids

Naturally, it makes sense to have protective equipment when you’re first learning to skate. Especially when first learning how to ride ramps, progression is nearly impossible without taking a few falls. At least, you should have a kids helmet. However, you’re only helping yourself by having a kids protection set to keep your knees, elbows, and wrists protected while learning.

Every skateboarder will also appreciate a skate tool and skate wax. Skate tools have every socket and tool needed to assemble/disassemble a skateboard in one compact design. This is important to have if you need to adjust trucks, wheels, or hardware. Skate wax is necessary to ensure slide-ability on rails, ledges and coping for grind and slide tricks.

Why a complete skateboard is a good place for beginners to start

The complete skateboards in our shop give you the certainty that all components of the skateboard are optimally fitted and professionally assembled. A complete skateboard is a bit more complex than it may seem at first glance. If you’re not sure of which component sizes or styles to choose, a complete skateboard will take all the guesswork out of the purchase. A complete skateboard for kids will be designed for children to easily control as well as foster their learning and progression. This not only makes skateboarding more fun but also safer.

What makes kids skateboard completes different from other completes?

Our skateboard completes for kids are easier to control for children 1.30m and under than a full-sized complete skateboard for several reasons. Kid-sized completes have a narrow and relatively shorter deck than a standard skateboard. Therefore, the smaller overall size makes it easier to turn, learn tricks, and it offers a more suitable standing surface for smaller feet. 

The wheels used on children’s completes are also usually softer than a standard wheel. As a new skater, one is primarily focused on learning to ride, cruise, and turn the board with confidence. Softer wheels make this much easier due to the increased grip and smoother ride that they provide, as well as the fact that they are much more ideal for rougher asphalt surfaces. This is especially important for skaters who don’t have a beautiful skatepark next door! Even on smooth concrete, softer wheels will offer more grip and a smooth, stable ride. 

The trucks used with kids boards are durable and generally just as high-quality as the premium trucks of larger boards. However, they are usually equipped with soft bushings for easy and responsive turns. This is critical because the turning response of the skateboard is completely reliant on the weight of the skater. For young skaters who don’t weigh much, they will need soft bushings to steer properly. In addition, the nut found in the centre of the axle (kingpin nut), will be tightened or loosened by the skater to adjust the steering response to their liking. Please keep in mind that even when you have a complete, adjusting this kingpin nut to the skater’s desired steering response is necessary and requires a simple wrench tool.

Why should I buy a complete skateboard from a skate shop?

You may have seen complete skateboards for kids on sale at large department stores or malls. The difference between these skateboards and what we sell is best described by a classic rule – you get what you pay for. The skateboards found in department stores are noticeably lower quality than the skateboards found in an established skate shop. Department store/off-brand skateboards will not last nearly as long as those sold in skate shops or be as safe. Our shop only supplies skateboards from established skateboarding brands who ensure premium-quality and even safety in their products. In addition to Titus brand skateboards, you will find skateboards from iconic brands like Powell-Peralta, Creature, Toy Machine, MOB-Skateboards, etc. All kids completes from these brands are built to provide the optimal skateboard for young skaters to learn on. You’ll also find that their skateboard decks are made with seven plies of the best quality wood, offering the same level of performance that their professional skate teams expect from their products. 

An important feature of the skate products and components offered in our skateshop is that they are all standardized unless explicitly stated. Whenever two components will be used together, such as the mounting holes on a deck and the mounting holes on a truck, all skateboard components are generally standardized. In our shop, every bearing will fit in every wheel and on every truck axle that you can find on the site. The advantage: All individual components can be replaced should any component of your complete skateboard break. Remember, don’t throw away your whole skateboard just because the wooden deck has broken or gotten old! This actually makes a complete skateboard more sustainable for the environment and also for your wallet. A kids complete skateboard gives you a great base set-up with parts you can use for your next skateboard. If price is a concern, be sure to check out Titus brand complete skateboards which offer the same premium quality at an affordable price.

Tips for taking care of your new kids complete skateboard

There are several things to note about properly caring for your new skateboard so that it stays in the best shape and continues to ride great.Of course, jumps, slides and grinds are a part of everyday life for a skater and that's what skateboards are designed for. Therefore, skateboards are generally pretty tough. However, there are some things that will quickly destroy your skateboard. These things are moisture and sand/dirt. Specifically, the bearings of the skateboard are a critical component to care for. If water or dirt gets its way into the bearings, they will rust and quickly become destroyed and unusable. It’s not just the bearings though. The wooden deck is not waterproof and it will absorb any moisture that it comes in contact with. This will give the skateboard the impression that it is very heavy and it will feel weak and soggy, especially when doing tricks. Avoid these things and you’ll be able to enjoy your skateboard for even more skate sessions!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our huge selection of kids complete skateboards at Titus and find a board you love! Once you get it, all you have to do is take it out of the box and go have fun!