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  Penny Boards – The famous "Mini-Boards" now available in the Titus Onlineshop! "Back to the roots" is probably the best way to describe the... read more

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Penny Boards – The famous "Mini-Boards" now available in the Titus Onlineshop!

"Back to the roots" is probably the best way to describe the Penny Board phenomenon. These small cruiser skateboards have a lot in common with the first skateboards from the 60's and the first plastic cruisers in the early 1970's. The brand "Penny", founded by Ben Mackay in 2010, has taken influences from the early days of skateboarding to make a super fun product for the modern skater. Read on to hear more about Mackay's awesome board!

What makes a true "Penny Board"?

The penny board is fundamentally different from classic skateboards and normal cruisers. Firstly, Cruisers or Longboards from Penny are made of high-quality plastic and not wood like a traditional board. So, Penny Boards don't have pop like a classic skateboard, but rather a lightly flexible design that makes them optimal for carving and cruising by the beach. They are particularly manoeuvrable, easy to store due to their size, and lightweight.

The various types of Penny Boards

Penny boards always consist of the same proven components. Nevertheless, there are some possible variations. First, the length. The Penny Cruiser is available in two lengths, 22 inches (about 56cm) and 27 inches (about 68.5cm). A longer board simply offers you a little bit more stability than a shorter board at a slight loss of maneuverability. As a beginner, we would recommend the longer version. 

Penny boards are also available in two widths, 6 Inches and 7.5 Inches. The wider penny boards are easier to ride and more stable. If you have larger feet, we recommend the wider version.

Penny boards come in a wide variation of colors with a selection of super cool graphics. They are generally very colourful and a real eye-catcher on the street. The different colour variations can be read by the model name of the board. For example, the "Classic" boards are full-color and the "Fader" boards have a colour gradient in the deck. "Pastel" features chic pastel colored boards and "Graphic" is of course the name for decks with a stylish graphic.

The characteristic design of Penny Boards

If you decide to buy a Penny board, you get a truly special skateboard under your feet. The boards are pre-assembled and consist of perfectly matched components. Griptape for the durable plastic board is not needed as the deck's surface has a special waffle structure that gives you plenty of grip during speedy carves.

Penny board trucks are specially adjusted to offer optimal performance. The trucks are made of aluminium, they're lightweight, and they're specially built for the narrow board design. The penny board wheels have soft and grippy wheel durometer of 83A with a lightweight plastic core, making them perfect for gripping the pavement with smooth and silent speed. The wheels are 59mm, allowing them to easily and quickly roll over rough asphalt.

How do I ride a Penny Board?

Riding a Penny board is somewhat trickier than a conventional skateboard or longboards due to the smaller board surface. But with a little practice, you'll get the hang of it quickly and be able to glide through the streets with ease. If you're a total beginner, you'll want to look up "how to push on a skateboard". One foot is placed on the surface of the board while the other foot pushes you forward with a kicking motion. It takes a little balance, but with practice, it's something that nearly anyone can master and you'll be coasting through the streets in no time! You can find the perfect backpack to match here.