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The Lakai Limited Footwear logo.

Lakai Limited Footwear: Since 1999

Lakai Limited Footwear was founded in 1999 in sunny Southern California, where lots of good ideas are born. Their mission: equip the world’s skateboarders with the most stylish skate shoes around. Lakai skate shoes are designed with skate performance in mind, a fact with Lakai’s pro skateboarder founders, Mike Carroll and Rick Howard, take very seriously. Hmm. Does it seem like you’ve heard their names before somewhere? That’s not surprising: the same two dudes founded Girl Skateboards. Both brands belong to Girl Distribution. In addition to skate shoes, the label offers a fine selection of street and skate wear, like hoodies, t-shirts and caps. Lakai Limited Footwear skate shoes.

The Lakai Pros: Big Names in Skateboarding

The Lakai pro team includes Vincent Alvarez, Raven Tershy, Stevie Perez, Daniel Espinoza, Riley Hawk, Danny Brady, Sebo Walker and Jesus Fernandez. Jon Sciano’s the company’s resident amateur. Lakai videos are always good, too: Fully Flared is definitely worth checking out! Find new skateboards to match your new Lakais in our online shop! Lakai pro skater Riley Hawk.