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Vainstream Riot 2023

First ever McTwist at Münsters biggest festival!

Photos & Words: T. Gentsch

Born out of the legendary "Rocknight'' of the Münster Monster Mastership, perhaps one of the world's most defining World Cup series in the history of skateboarding, the Vainstream Festival in Münster has established itself as one of the best rock festivals in Germany. Similar to Rocknight and the Mastership back in the day, countless rock and metal fans make the pilgrimage to our Westphalian metropolis to listen to the sounds of both new and iconic bands. Many visitors also make a pilgrimage to Skaters Palace and the DIY Riot, which takes place on the kickoff day of the festival. Last year, the idea was born to integrate skateboarding into the festival itself - A logical combination. So on Saturday, June 24, 2023, the big IOU mini-ramp was set up on the grounds of Hawerkamp in Münster and it became the site of a heated mini-ramp contest to further write Münster skateboarding history!

It was almost exactly 35 years ago when skateboarding history was made here in Münster. At the time, a young German skateboard pro named Ralf Middendorf had set himself the goal of being the first European skater to land a McTwist. At the time, a McTwist was an especially elite trick, something like a kickflip back noseblunt on the Hollywood High rail would be today. For this trick, if you do it "honestly", i.e. really spinning over the head with a decent amount of air, etc., you certainly need a pretty big set of balls.

When the first "event" (TITUS 45 years special obstacle/Extension on an extension) of the Vainstream Riot came to an end, it was time again for Münster to witness a McTwist! Possibly the first ever of its kind on such a sketchy obstacle, but also the first EVER by Jason Lijnzaat. "Everybody stepped it up with their tricks, so I just figured it might be a good idea to try a McTwist!", were Jason's words when I asked him about it later. The fact that he had never done the trick before was the icing on the cake at this moment as history was written again!

The Vainstream Festival also made history with the installation of this truly gigantic mini-ramp! Last year, there was just a small ramp that could have been in somebody’s backyard. But in 2023, an 18 meter wide ramp was set up by IOU-Ramps, including extensions and plenty of space for any kind of trick massacre. Planned events were, in addition to the aforementioned "Special Obstacle Best Trick", a "Doubles Team Event", a pure "Best Trick" contest for any trick within the ramp, and a "Highest Air" event which master organizer Timo Krone had specially built a side pull for. Extremely professional -  The whole thing!

It's hard to note each of the riders that were present, especially with the wild atmosphere - But that's what the photos and clip are for! Most important was that the follow up event of the DIY Riot was an incredible success for both skaters and spectators. Coupled with the unbeatable weather, this has become one of the most exciting skateboarding events not only in Münster but far beyond its borders. Thanks to everyone involved, Timo and Stefan from Vainstream, Schützi from IOU Ramps, all the guys from TITUS behind the scenes, the judges Timo and Shorty, Rob Rouleaux on the mic, and especially the top class skaters present.
- See ya next year!

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