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Created by T. Gentsch | Feature

TITUS Weartest - DC Shoes "Kalis S"

A relaunched classic put to the test

When looking up the term „best treflips of all time“ chances are pretty high you end up with a skateboarder who has been riding for DC Shoes for more than two decades – Josh Kalis! When „The DC Video“ came out in 2001, Kalis had just gotten his first pro-model shoe which instantly turned into a „must-have“ for a whole generation of streetskaters. Fast forward twenty years, Josh did not only stick with the brand for the whole time but also releases the Kalis S – a shoe remenicing the style of the early millenium fulfilling the needs of todays versatile skateboarder.

After such advance praise, we at TITUS asked ourselves whether this is really the case. With Leon Merschmann we fortunately have a DC Flow rider, who happens to also ride for the Titus store in Münster, who could extensively test the shoe for us for a day. Thus, the starting signal for a new "Weartest series" is set, in which we want to focus not purely on the durability of a shoe, but especially its features.

DC Shoes at Titus:

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