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TITUS Skateboards - "Backup"

Two tours - one video!

Photos: D. Scholz

Almost exactly a year after the last TITUS video, filmer and team manager Dennis Ludwig has a new surprise for under your Christmas tree - “Backup”. This video features the Titus team riders on two tours over the past year which could hardly have been more different. While there was snow on a trip to Athens in February 2022, the guys were spoiled by sun and warm weather in Malmö during the summer. The trips put the team to the test and challenged them with raw spots – but as always, a little enthusiasm helped them stack some seriously dope clips. Enjoy the ride!  


Nevertheless, it was certainly a blessing that the boys in Malmö were at least partially blessed with sunshine but definitely with dry ground. After the Athens trip at the end of February, which was more reminiscent of a snowboard trip than a skate trip, luck simply had to favour the team; two bad luck days in one year would have been difficult to cope with. Malmö in the south of Sweden is home to the famous Bryggeriet Gymnasium, which also produced team rider Alex Elfving. So Alex knows the city like the back of his hand and was able to give himself and his teammates an excellent time.



Even though it has already been mentioned several times, here you can see in all clarity how rudely the Athens crew was surprised by the onset of winter. Imagine leaving mild Barcelona only to be received SO - not a nice affair. Nevertheless, and this cannot be emphasised often enough, Alex Elfving, Jost Arens, Gustavo Dos Anjos and Helen Storz more than put up a brave fight and got everything out of the one week that could be imagined; truly professional! If you want to have a look at the complete tour article again, you can do so at our friends from Irregular Magazin.

TITUS Syntrofos Pro-Model Series: