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TITUS "Caramelos" | The Allicante Tour Video

TITUS Pro Dani Lebron´s hometown revisited

"It still tastes best at home" - Wise words of team manager Dennis Ludwig when planning the TITUS Spring 2023 tour. In order to ensure safe weather and not "accidentally" end up in snow again like our Athens tour in 2022, the team decided to stay within the Spanish borders. But, where to go? Barcelona wasn't an option, Madrid was already well-skated and Malaga was just too far away. Then, we had a great idea - The middle of the eastern coast - Alicante, hometown of Dani Lebron! Not only was good weather practically promised, but we had Dani himself as the ultimate spot guide. Enjoy the trip presented by our friends at  POCKET Skateboard Magazine . Featuring Jost Arens, Gustavo Dos Anjos, Dominik Maul and Alex Elfving.

New decks at TITUS: