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Created by T. Gentsch | News

TITUS "Battle of the Shops" | Bangin´ Busride 2022

The best skateboarding event in Münster is back!

Skatephotos (if not marked differently): T. Gentsch

Sideshots: M. Tromp

It's hard to believe, but after a "covid break”, it’s been three years since the last "Battle Of The Shops" took place. Quite honestly, no one really even saw this event coming back in 2022. But nowadays, you should take every opportunity to hold events like this (after all, you never know what's going to happen in a few months!). The guys at TITUS thought to themselves in mid-July, "Come on, let's have a summer party paired with a BOTS event!". Five weeks of planning was ambitious though, especially since this summer felt like all the events of the last two years were trying to be made up for, not to mention on the same weekend! In the end, there were no less than 7(!) other contests on the weekend of August 20. Nevertheless, a surprisingly large turnout of riders followed the temptation to attack some street spots in Münster with a double-decker bus - and they were not to be disappointed!


As this was the third time BOTS had been held, new spots had to be found. After the Münster Stadtwerke spot had served as the starting location twice, the event called for another place. The "Grüne Schule" in Gievenbeck with its "two ledges in one line" seemed adequate, especially since there is also the "bank to rail" spot there. Besides, this way we had a slightly longer bus ride to start the day, which surely contributed to a good mood. Kessi, the bus driver, who had already driven us the last few years, was the icing on the cake, so the vibes were already high on arrival!


The amount of tricks happening on the ledges was crazily high. The first 20 minutes were skated in one direction and then another 20 minutes from the other. The aim was to do at least one trick on each ledge, i.e. there always had to be a line. There were quickly many lines done, which briefly led to a small "judging problem", but this was solved after a short consultation. After that, it went on for another 20 minutes at the "bank to bar", the first spot was then history and we went on to the Edeka at the Aasee market.

Choosing a long 10 stair spot directly after the first spot was certainly a daring decision - but it was also supposed to be a tour of "bangers". And as it is with such events, a certain group dynamic always drives everyone to peak performance. It was rather surprising, however, that Thomas Weber joined the ranks and directly stuck a first try Ollie and Frontside 180. On top of that, he landed a Frontside Flip right after but unfortunately couldn't roll away. So, up again, fourth try, landed again, unfortunately a bit more messy, and then came the slam. A worst possible split with a bent knee sadly meant not only the end for Thomas that day, but also a cruciate ligament tear. Get well soon Thomas, we all suffer with you!

The stair session was rather short as we had been busted by an Edeka employee right after arrival, but still waited for the police to get there. So, we had a good quarter of an hour and it's pretty amazing how many tricks happened in such a short time on the massive set. Then, off to the "Friedensschule" spot!

Actually, no one really expected a bust at Edeka, but that's just how it was. At the "Friedenschule"- spot, we were actually sure it would a bust. We had already tried to skate this new school yard on the outskirts of the city several times, but a janitor working there would bust us every time. Miraculously, said janitor didn’t seem to be working that day!

So, an extensive and relaxed session unfolded at the school yard blocks and the small but fine handrail. Almost every trick you can imagine went down on these two obstacles. Finally, we headed to the next spot, the "Agravis Barrier".

Since the final spot of the day was on the Agravis bridge, the parking lot next to it with the barrier was suitable to keep the skaters busy for a short time. Meanwhile, the "set-up team" made sure that the last spot’s kicker was placed on the downhill section and straw bales were placed to separate cyclists. After fifteen minutes, it was time to get everybody over to skate the ledge-kicker-ledge spot.

Lines here were loosened up a bit by a bale of straw at the end which you could optionally use as a third obstacle of the line. Surprisingly, there were no accidents with cyclists/passers-by and after a long session, the skaters had shut this spot down just like the others. We then all went back to Skaters Palace for dinner and the award ceremony.

All that remains is to thank everybody that made this event possible! First and foremost, the riders who had decided despite various other events to attend BOTS. So, the teams of TITUS Münster, TITUS Berlin, TITUS Berlin Zoopreme, TITUS Kassel (uni solo), TITUS Bonn, TITUS Benelux, TITUS Netherlands, TITUS Tornados Pro and Am Teams, and TITUS Skateboards. Of course, thanks to all behind the scenes, Münsterbus and their driver Kessi, 360° Catering for the delicious food, Skaters Palace, and of course TITUS, which once again managed to put on a top class event!