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SOUR Solution III | Videopremiere im TITUS Münster

Stuff 4 Slappies, free beers & new standards!

When it comes to skate videos, there’s a lot to see nowadays. Some you might watch once and think "That was good, good skating, was nice to have seen". However, some videos really just stand out from the crowd and make you think "Wow, that’s gonna be a classic". The third SOUR Solution video clearly belongs to the latter category! Few skateboarders have ever ridden such creative “spots” and rarely will you find such technical finesse (a 360 flip with a VX camera? Come on!). The Sour team has also grown to a sizable crew over the years and each rider’s part brings a unique, creative, and raw style.

Such a work of art had to have an appropriate premiere, so everyone was invited to a showing of the new film at TITUS Münster on Saturday, May 14, 2022. Before the premiere, there was a heavy "Stuff for Slappys" session in front of the shop in Königstraße, plus free beer and good vibes. After about an hour, everyone moved to the cinema and around 80 skaters from Münster and the surrounding area were fascinated by the big screen for the following 36 minutes. Afterwards, everyone was a bit dazed; not from the beer, but from seeing so many tricks they’d never even seen before and hadn't quite understood yet!


Sour Solution Deck Spängs Alarm
€ 47.99 / € 64.99
Sour Solution Deck Snapes On A Plane
€ 47.99 / € 64.99