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Slappy Sessions | Upgrading spots!

Banks under bridges getting an upgrading makeover!

In our new series "Slappy Sessions" we look at the variety of possibilities that a simple curb can open up for a skateboarder. Unfortunately, in this country most curbs of this kind are not, as for example in the U.S., made of concrete and painted, but that does not neccesarily mean you can´t experience some similar fun over here. For example, you can built a mold and cast your own "slappys" in a wide variety of shapes, from square to semicircular to, as seen in this clip, hexagonal. To top off the fun, you might as well drag your new beauty under one of the numerous highway bridges in our latitudes, fix them and thus create a completely new spot, which is usually even weatherproof!

A very nice example of such a spot can be found in Münster. Here, nearly all conditions are right, from the size and steepness of the bank to the orientation of the bridge (there’s almost never wind/rain blowing in) to a "platform" on top of the banks. There are pretty big gaps between the concrete tiles on the bank, but it’s not so bad with slightly bigger wheels. In addition, they have recently started to repair them a bit and it's not as bad as it used to be.

The slappy curbs themselves have been under the bridge for a few years and thanks to a noble DIY-er, they’re not only perfectly cast, but also well-fixed. The average person doesn’t seem to notice them in the slightest, which likely contributes to their long existence. "Blending in with the surroundings" immediately comes to mind here and there can hardly be a better place for such a spot.

But don't be fooled - the curbs aren’t so easy to skate. Especially because of their hexagonal, semi-circular shape, they’re much more difficult to skate than, for example, the square curb variants from the last episode. But, hey, if it were easy, it wouldn't be half as awesome, right?