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etnies High5 European Tour | TITUS Köln

Signing at TITUS Cologne & a packed demo!

Even though the summer is coming to an end, the number of tours, demos and contests hardly seems to decrease. It still feels at least three different events take place on the same weekend and  weekend after weekend you have the agony of choice, where to go now. On September 3, 2022, the decision was fortunately made a little easier, after all, because it won´t happen too often you get to see Chris Joslin and the etnies team on German soil. That being said on saturday afternoon it was "on to TITUS Cologne", where there should be a small meet & greet with signing before the demo at the Northbrigade.


Upon arrival, there was surprisingly little going on in front of the store, but this was due to the fact that the pros and especially the German team riders of the brand were tearing up the spot on the other side of the street. Besides the US boys, German teamriders Antoni Zeyer, Jeffrey Esguerra, Christoph Radtke and Deniel Cramer came alongside the trip. After this first session we wentback over to the store, where a signing table including lots of pizza perfected the atmosphere. Well fortified we actually could have gone straight to the demo, but especially Deniel and Antoni were eager to skate another streetspot. No sooner said than done and off we were to the most famous hubba of the Dom cathedral city, the Asta Ledge.

A quick chat with Chris Joslin

Hey Chris, what´s your last memory of Cologne?

Hmmm, probably have to be the Bs 360 Ollie Kickflip down the 13, hahaha.

Did you check out the stairset again yet?

Nah, we just came in yesterday so i didn´t have a chance yet to check it out again.

Where did you come from?

From Lyon, France.

Did the tour start over there?

No, the tour started in the UK. We flew in to London, drove to Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Birmingham then off to France and now we are here in Cologne. UK was really productive, i haven´t spend too much time there yet so it was good to get to see some new sopts you are not really familiar with. Now back here…

So you plan on checking out the 13 again? They redid them with like those groundmark lines for blind people at the top, so it´s basically a new and way harder to skate set now.

Oh, really? So you´d have to ollie this groundmarks for blind people and the stairs? Wow…

So besides that, could you think of a trick you could oneup yourself with down that set?

I was actually thinking of trying something down them, but now hearing about those groundmarks, i do not think what i was thinking about is possible…

What were you thinking about, if i might ask…?

Hmm… was thinking about mybe a Nollie Bs 360 Heel… Maybe… But, i don´t think thats gonna happen hearing this. Still might wanna check it out.

Last time we did a little interview was when you guys were on the etnies „Album“ video premiere tour, like 4 years ago i guess. Back then you were talking about just having become a dad. How is family life going?

Yeah, just had my daughter back then, she´s doing really good. She´s super into dancing, a very active young lady. She´s already six now and inbetween we also got a son who is two now. It´s been really nice.

How do you juggle your life of a travelling professional skateboarder and the one of a familiy dad?

Well, one main part of making it happen is defintely my wife holding it down at home when i am on the road. They listen to her way better than to me, so she can handle it quite well. And for me, it´s also a nice change to come out of town here and there, be a little bit careless, leave a messy hotel room, hahaha…

So a tour like this is also a bit of a holiday or you consider it simply as work?

Ahm, i wouldn´t say i consider this too much of work. You know, signings and demos can be a bit stressful when there are tons of people, but other than that it´s mostly fun!

Allright, thanx Chris!

After our two Tornados team riders had stacked their tricks, we went on to the North Brigade, where the demo was scheduled for 4pm. The slight delay was no problem for the 1000 (!) visitors, because on the same day there was also a "skateboard collectors meeting" at the North. Finally, there were two events that complemented each other and after the area had become a little emptier, it could start. To enumerate single tricks would go beyond the scope, but let me tell you, there was a lot going on. Remarkable were also the female team riders around Rafaela Costa, who caused open mouths with a Bs flip over the house roof.

After a good two hours, the trick thunders were over and the guys had really earned the end of the day. They had two more days of street skating in Cologne left, and it will be interesting to see which other spots Joslin & Co have torn up. Thanks to TITUS Cologne, the North Brigade, the etnies team as well as Bas Janssen and Kevin Parrot from soletech. High 5!

etnies at TITUS: