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Dickies X TITUS | "Art Construction Tour" 2021

Five Girls create skateable concrete art!

Events in skateboarding have paused for over a year now due to the circumstances we’ve all been dealing with since 2020. But, as always, skateboarders around the world have worked to overcome these barriers and help get some things going. Tours might be limited to your home country, but are doable. Dickies and TITUS have shared an enthusiasm for DIY projects over the past couple years and after a break in 2020, plans were made to make another DIY tour happen in 2021. Everyone was unsure about the state of the EU lockdown in spring ’21, which led to the decision of having it take place within Germany. So, after our past trips to the Netherlands, Belgium, and the South of France, we picked the city of Dresden for this year, located in the east of Germany. After Dresden’s beloved “Trini” DIY spot was torn down two years ago, this city with very ready-and-willing DIY skaters seemed like just the right pick.

Event though it´s been said a million times, the 2021 edition of the „Dickies X Titus Art Construction Tour“ once again proved skateboarding being the ultimate tool bringing people together. You might spend a week with people you´ve never met before? No problem! You´ve never worked concrete? Learn it! You are a female skateboarder? Then jump on our trip to Dresden to built some new obstacles at the latest DIY spot the city has to offer! Throw all these attributes into a concrete mixer, get the VX 1000 and the result is an awesome clip showing that gender in 2021 doesn´t matter - women can work tools and love to play with „the adults play dough“ just with the same passion as any skateboarder!

Five girls, steel, concrete, formwork, and a lot of enthusiasm - For all those who’ve wondered how to build the perfect DIY obstacle out of concrete, the "Dickies x Titus Art Construction Tour" video may be especially interesting. To conclude with our series on this project in Dresden, we take a look behind the scenes and provide some insights about the planning and realization of the construction project. Helpful skate-DIY tips for your next build will be presented and explained by the protagonists themselves. Grab your shovel, the concrete is ready to flow!

Dickies at Titus:

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