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Alex Elfving | FREE Part

Welcome Part of Titus Skateboards´latest addition to to team!

Photos: Dennis Scholz

About a year ago, not many people outside of Sweden were familiar with the name “Alex Elfving”. After an impressive appearance at last year’s „Euro SB“ contest and with his new spot on the Titus Skateboards team, the former student of Malmö’s „Bryggeriets Gymnasium“ has begun to shine in the European skateboarding spotlight. Along with his interview in the latest FREE Skate Magazine, Titus Skateboards presents Alex’s introduction video part, proving his incredible style and skill on a skateboard. Welcome to the team Alex!

Alex´Top Three:

-heaviest tricks in his part:
The Bs 360 down the 4 block, Bs Smith Fs Shuv and maybe the Fakie Flip Fakie Manny into the bank!

-favorite subjects in Bryggeriet:
No one haha, only the skate class probably, or history class was pretty cool.

-favorite dishes:
My dads grilled chicken with raw fried potatoes, hamburger and carbonara

-favorite videoparts/pros:
Brent Achley "Elementality", Ishod Wair "Back on my Bs" and anything with Grant Taylor!!!

-favorite tricks in your part:
haha, i dont know really...

-countries you have visited:
Spain, Denmark and the US, maybe...

-Songs you can always listen to:
"No Understand", "Bizznizz" and "Racks Blue"!

-things you do besides skateboarding:
Chilling, eating and more chilling haha watching series and stuff?

-things Sweden is famous for:
Maybe hockey, meatballs and depression under the wintertime, haha! 

-things you definetely wanna do in your life:
I definitely wanna travel a lot more, maybe take a trip from sweden and down to spain with car and all the hemies. 




Alex´ Skatestuff at Titus: