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The best friend of a girl: The most comfortable and yet stylish pair of shoes No piece of clothes says as much about you as... weiterlesen

The best friend of a girl: The most comfortable and yet stylish pair of shoes

No piece of clothes says as much about you as your shoes. It's undeniable that your outfit isn’t complete without the perfect footwear. From Sneakers to Boots and Ballerinas, every occasion calls for a different style. One thing is certain: The Titus Online Shop provides you with a huge selection of footwear. You’re sure to find something that helps you make a personal statement. There’s something for everyone: casual for trendy streetwear styles, functional for the adventurers, or something for a night out on the town - our selection will make your shoe dreams come true. Discover the latest from brands like Vans, etnies, Converse, adidas, Nike SB, Roxy and many more.


Sporty and comfortable, Sneakersor “trainers” are generally the go-to all-rounder of footwear. They go great with practically any outfit and are comfortable to wear all day. There are many different styles such as low or high top, but what exactly is a Low-Top, Mid-Top and High-Top? Here’s a brief explanation:

Low tops

Low-Tops are sneakers where the upper section ends under the ankle. The result is a pleasantly light feeling shoe that gives your ankle full freedom of movement. A typical representative of this style is the iconic “Old-Skool” from Vans. A common characteristic of the low-top shoe is also a cupsole or vulcanized sole construction. This gives low-top shoes excellent comfort combined with a stylish look.


One floor up you’ll find Mid-Top sneakers. Mid-top shoes feature an upper section that goes just to or slightly above the ankle. These shoes can be especially great for skateboarding as they provide ankle protection from abrasion. Even for girls who aren’t concerned about a shoe’s skate-ability, mid-tops are especially fashionable and brands like Nike SB and etnies have perfected the mid-top look.


High-Tops are characterized by a high cut that goes totally above the ankle. Inspired by classic basketball shoes, high tops have been reinvented and improved many times over. Nowadays, high-tops are a staple of street fashionConverse, Vans and etnies, for example, have created several famously popular high-top sneakers.


Runners have recently made a huge comeback and boy have we missed them! The latest popularity of runners shows that comfortable and lightweight footwear makes life a whole lot better. Not to mention, the sporty silhouette gives every outfit a super cool touch of style. Undisputed champions in this discipline are adidas and Reebok, with the latter bringing tons of retro flair to the look.


Even when the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can find the latest and greatest cold weather footwear in the Titus Online Shop!

Lined footwear and Boots are sure to keep your feet warm and cosy despite even the worst snow blizzards. Roxy and DC Shoes have many models in this category ranging from classic to extravagant, making a practical and super stylish addition to every winter outfit.

The winter wonderland can certainly have its charm. However, we must say that we really prefer long, warm summer days. If you’re looking for a stylish complement to your summer dress, check out our cute selection of Sandals. From classic flip-flops to strapped sandals, Billabong, Roxy and Volcom give you a huge selection for whatever summer adventures you can get into.

Another super popular summer style is the cute and classy flats. The lightweight and extra low-cut look is perfect to pair with shorts or a dress in the warm seasons.