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Ethika – QUALITY UNDERWEAR DRIVEN BY PERSONAL IDENTITY Founded in beautiful San Clemente in California, Ethika was started by motocross legend Malcom McCassy. Over the... continuer de lire

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Founded in beautiful San Clemente in California, Ethika was started by motocross legend Malcom McCassy. Over the years, Malcolm established a leading underwear brand in the United States. However, he's always remained true to his roots in motocross, skateboarding and surfing. After all, his company is located right in the heart these industries!

From Idea to Brand...

In 2001, Malcolm "Mims" McCassy noticed a gap in the men's underwear sector: there was simply no functional product that could truly prove itself in action while remaining stylish and casual. Thus, Ethika was born! Malcolm began collecting and testing different shapes and fabrics. Although the main product, "The Staple Fit" was developed in 2005, sales from Malcom's garage did not start until the end of 2009 with the launch of an official website. Until then, Ethika was anything but an underwear company, rather it was a group of friends who got creative, exchanged ideas, and then enthusiastically created something that they would love. The brand name, however, was present from the very beginning.

The Ethika Sticker Invasion

To get attention for his brand early on, Malcolm started with a grassroots marketing idea, stickers! He gave them out to his friends in the professional motocross and skateboarding sectors and soon his brand was everywhere. Travis Pastrana and Ryan Sheckler were among the early supporters. When Ryan was named the youngest gold medalist in X Games Street in 2003, an Ethika sticker was already on his helmet.

The Company Out Of The Garage Makes It Big

Gradually, more motocross riders, skateboarders, snowboarders and BMXers came on board. The brand was also spotted on various celebrities in the music scene. In 2012, Matt Cook finally became CEO, investing in and taking the brand to a new level. Employees were recruited, new sales channels developed and innovative product lines expanded. For example, with the performance line, Ethika suddenly reached well-known NBA and NFL players. In general, Ethika is continually expanding in the direction of lifestyle and music. Ethika has even emerged in the hip-hop scene to produce a mixtape with with twelve artists in 2017! Of course, there are matching signature collections and collabos to go with it.

The Ethika Family and Lifestyle

When Malcom McCassy launched Ethika, his declared goal was to make underwear that was "cooler" than any T-Shirt. At the same time, however, he also wanted to develop an innovative product that proves itself in action sports while allowing the wearer to underline his own personality. The Ethika name stands for Ethnicity, Ethics and Athletics.

Mims himself says, "Ethika is a family. A family that puts down judgements while lifting up and supporting each other regardless of ethnicity, ethics, or beliefs." In addition to their employees, athletes, artists, influencers, and friends, Ethika includes their customers in their family. When you wear a piece from Ethika, you're supporting a group that's not afraid to stand out from the crowd and who loves to push each other to the next level. The company also defines itself through the high-quality of their products, their originality, and the relationships that they have built around the brand.
Ethika Underwear At Titus It was just a matter of time before Ethika landed at the "Home of Skateboarding". Ethika is deeply rooted in skateboarding with their skate family including: Ryan Sheckler, Nyjah Huston, Chris Joslin, Theotis Beasley, Paul Rodriquez, Chaz Ortiz, Torey Pudwill, Ryan Decenzo, Elliot Sloan, Boo Johnson, Tom Erik Ryen, Carlos Lastra, Christian Sereika, Tyson Bowerbank, Greg Lutzka, Felipe Gustavo, Chase Webb, Bucky Lasek, Pierre Luc Gagnon and Mike Smith. Lyn-Z Adams Pastrana, the wife of Travis Pastrana, is also known in the Skateboarding and snowboarding scene and Kelia Moniz, a World Champion in Longboarding.

In 2016 Ethika started their impact in Europe with the help of FC Barcelona player Dani Alves. From that moment, Ethika was a clear choice for Titus. We were totally convinced by the company's roots, philosophy, and above all the functional and stylish product.

A Legend Is Born – The Staple Fit

The Staple Fit by Ethika encompasses the idea that inspired Malcom McCassy to found the company: It's about 9 inches (about 23 cm) long, tight yet supple and comfortable to wear. They have everything necessary for comfort and performance without unnecessary, annoying seams.

The Staple Fit is the very first product of the company. Everything else was gradually built around this design. In other words, new colorings, patterns, collabos, etc., and new materials from which the Staple Fit are made were tried again and again until further variants finally made their way into the Ethika product range.

There are now three lines (Lifestyle, Performance and Premium) as well as three other models in addition to The Staple Fit. The Mid - a shorter version of the Staple, offers a softer, more laid-back alternative. The Boxer - a more casual boxer short. Finally, The Tight - a 3/4-long second skin for high-performance activities. In addition, Ethika has some cool Basic T-shirts and even a kids collection.

Ethika in Your Clothes Dresser

“Ethika is the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night. Ethika is... WITH YOU EVERYWHERE“. So, if you would like to become a part of the Ethika family, we highly recommend you try a pair for yourself, that is, if you value quality, the ultimate in comfort, and a style that's all your own.