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Socks in the Titus Online Shop There’s nothing worse than having cold feet. Ok, maybe cold, wet feet are worse. But that’s why we have... leer más

Socks in the Titus Online Shop

There’s nothing worse than having cold feet. Ok, maybe cold, wet feet are worse. But that’s why we have socks! At some point, a random grandma thought to herself, ‘before the boy’s feet freeze off and he experiences a sudden, cold foot-related death, I’d better knit that whippersnapper some dope socks.’ And thus The Sock was born.

Today, socks are a fashion statement. Stylish progress and technological advancement has definitely been made since Grandma’s hardcore knitting phase back in the 70s, that much is for sure. You know the expression “styled from head to toe”? Wouldn’t be a thing without socks. Respect your footwear.

Fresh Styles and Designs

Thanks to high-tech sock developments in recent years, socks no longer lead a monochrome, dull existence. The golden age of the sock is officially upon us! In addition to crazy patterns, eye-catching colors and company logo prints, full-print socks with unique graphic designs are experiencing a renaissance, and we’re lucky to be a part of it. A current sock company MVP is the label Stance. Their collabs with famous athletes and musicians are legendary! Stance socks are also extremely comfortable and have a fit on your foot that can’t be beat.

Sock Brands in the Titus Shop

Other than Stance socks, Toy Machine’s sock collection with famous cartoon characters designed by Ed Templeton are very popular. HUF also designs socks that sell out the same day they’re released - a variety of their styles are of course available on Titus as well. Titus, Rebel Rockers, Thrasher, Foundation, Independent, Enjoi and Globe all also offer skate and ankle socks, which are perfect with shorts in the summertime. The Titus skate socks are particularly dope and are quickly developing their own cult following!

Socks and the Washing Machine

There are three pressing questions human beings are struggling with in modern society: how can we accomplish world peace, how to we prevent global warming from destroying the earth and where do all the socks in the washing machine keep disappearing to? The last question is an impossible one to answer, so we’re not even going to go there. Socks obviously belong in the wash - that much is clear. We recommend putting your ultra-stylish new socks in a laundry bag or net for security purposes. That saves you the frustration of having to wear two different colored socks when the rest of your outfit is on-point. Unacceptable.