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Created by T. Gentsch | Feature

Titus "Ups and Downs" | B-Sides

RAW as fuck!

Four weeks ago, Titus celebrated the premiere of our latest video “Ups & Downs” during the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin. The premiere was shown at the Sommergarten outside Skatehalle Berlin and everyone was hyped for what the team put out. But, there’s always more footy than what’s shown in the video, so we’ve put together some of the most epic leftover lines and tricks into a 6 minute “B-Sides” clip. Get an inside look behind-the-scenes of the hard work that went into “Ups & Downs” – raw and straight from the tapes!

Additionally, the B-sides clip features more than just leftovers, but also "second angles" and various funny clips of the guys celebrating. Clips like these are the result of true friends having fun on the road together, that’s the kind of thing skating is about! Enjoy!