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Titus Skateboards | "Good morning, I´m ready"

The New Titus Skateboards Video

It’s been almost one year exactly since the premiere of the last Titus Skateboards “Ups and Downs” video in Berlin. This was possibly the most elaborate video production we’ve put together with “Ups and Downs” even being featured on Thrasher and gaining global recognition. Just a year later, filmer Dennis Ludwig has taken over as team manager for Titus Skateboards and the team has grown to include several (international) skaters. Of course, this needs to be celebrated, what better way to celebrate than with a new welcome video?!

In addition to new team rider Jelle Maatman, flow-rider Gustavo dos Anjos makes his debut as a team rider with a part in “Good morning, I’m ready”. Also, Reece Knobloch and Dominik Maul have joined as new members of the Titus flow team. What’s the most impressive is how great the parts from all the team riders are. The footage is primarily only from two trips – to Lyon and to Vienna. This just shows how productive the team can really be when they’re in the right environment.

With a length of 13 minutes, “Good morning, I’m ready” is a bit shorter than “Ups and Downs”, but the level of skateboarding pushes the limits. In addition to the new Titus skaters, you’ll see fresh Jost Arens footy from Barcelona and Jeremy Reinhard proving that you can still get seriously gnarly on rails at 35 years old! Patrick Rogalski and Markus Blessing conclude the video with a shared part that’s simply banger after banger. All of this comes together to make “Good morning, I’m ready” a must-see video of 2019, especially for fans of European skateboarding and Dennis Ludwig’s work!

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