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Titus "Gäng Tour" | The Netherlands

Photos: A. Przybyla

The term “kingdom” is quick to remind one of fairy tale books from our childhood. A term that makes you think of a magical place filled with beauty. It just so happens that the formal name for Holland is “The Kingdom of the Netherlands” – the destination of choice for Titus Münster’s 2018 skate tour!
Holland may be the direct neighbor of Germany and just a relatively short drive away, but the culture, architecture, and environment is quite different nonetheless. Immediately after crossing the border, the Titus team was greeted with beautiful towns and welcoming streets. The restaurants were filled with people sitting outside who prefer to spend their time getting some fresh air than at home behind the television. The architecture there is “modern”, but a different kind of modern than in Germany… This architecture style just so happens to be perfect for something special – skateboarding!
As in the past few years, the Titus Münster shop team was anxious to get out and shred some foreign terrain. Last year’s tour through southern France was quite a huge expedition. So this year, the guys decided to explore our neighboring kingdom a little more closely. The trip was destined for Arnhem, Utrecht, Rotterdam as well as a few spots along the way. In addition to perfect weather, the crew found and skated many spots that one could only dream of having in Germany!

"When planning the tour with Adam, Adam said that he really wanted to get a photo at “the wave” that was in front of this incredibly beautiful Erasmus Bridge. After recovering from my first five muscle cramps of the trip, we headed to the spot where I was able to land this tailslide. Rotterdam itself is practically one huge skatepark, you don’t even need a tour guide to find the spots! No matter which way you go, you’ll find amazing marble ledges, perfect rails, stairs, and just beautiful architecture. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it’s just perfect for skaters."   - Christian Krause


"Even if it might not look like it, this double-set bank nollie flip was pretty intense! After a few ollies, Tabo also threw down a switch front bigspin before I rolled away from the nollie flip. It felt like it took me 100 tries, but that just made the feeling of rolling away that much better!" - Mike Brauer


"The small town of Arnhem just across the German border was the first stop of our tour. This town is filled with modern, extremely skate-able architecture as well as the beautiful houses and alleys you would expect in the Netherlands. This gap to back lip was at a spot that also had some sick ledges and gaps to skate. We began by trying to push this car away from the landing and luckily the owner just happened to come out and move it. When the rail was open, it didn’t take long to bag this photo. After a sick session, we headed out to indulge in some nightlife. All we have to say is: “Thank you Arnhem and see you again!”- Tabo Löchelt


"Arnhem, a little Dutch dreamland! Our hotel here was actually in the middle of the forest, a stark contrast to the area filled with skate-able architecture around the central station. This hip is one of many amazing spots we found and this 360 flip transfer photo is now one of my favorite photos of all time. Major props to the “media team” of Adam and Blümle for always being patient and getting the best angles and clips!" - Mike Brauer


"After two days of skating in Arnhem, where it felt like you could skate to every spot, it was time for us to move on to Utrecht. On the way there, we stopped at a particular spot in Nieuwegein outside a shopping mall. Unfortunately, after about 10 minutes we were asked by a cop not to skate there during open hours, but that we could come back after 6pm. To stay productive, we simply began looking around for some more spots. 6 o’clock rolled around and we headed back to the mall. Tabo and Mike got some sick tricks at the bank-to-rail spot and I wanted to skate the hip. It’s not a terribly hard spot to skate, but it’s quite photogenic nonetheless. The result was this frontside halfcab flip!"- Flo Westers


Without a proper media team you would not be able to see these beautiful still photos and the great clip. Big thanx to Adam Przybyla and Christian Blümle for the output and to The Netherlands for being a perfect travel destination for the "Titus Gäng".


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