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TITUS "Destroy The Spot" | Arnhem Centraal

Real-Street Event at the best station of The Netherlands!

When the first event of the "Destroy the Spot" series took place at the Stadthaus in Arnhem almost 4 years ago, everyone there was thrilled with the format and execution of the event. Top class skateboarding at a true street spot, relaxed judging and the chill mentality of the Dutch made the event simply unbeatable. Events in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Zoetermeer followed and in 2022 it was time to go back to where it began - Arnhem! The train station there is practically a skatepark and two of the spots there were set to be "destroyed" on Sunday, 14.08.2022.


The first spot chosen was the double bank on the parking garage side of the station where the aim was to pop tricks into the upper of the two banks. Well, it's actually a triple bank, but that would have been a bit challenging. In typical Dutch fashion, everything started on time at 2pm, but without anyone feeling particularly stressed. Organizer Mathijs had, in addition to lots of ice cream and Capri suns, also thought of buying water guns which proved to be extremely useful at 35 degrees in the shade. Just as the first tricks were being landed into the double bank, it was time to say "Watch out, make way for the stairs"! Lars de Weert popped an ollie over the rail of the 13 stair pretty effortlessly, but had to fight hard for a kickflip afterwards. Fortunately, he managed to stick it after some tries. This ate up a bit of time, but of course it was done with a smile on his face. The younger brother of Lars, Wisse de Weert, took the "spot win" with a Halfcab Kickflip (and a Nollie Flip before) and it went on to the next spot on the back side of the train station - stairs and a rail!

Fortunately, this spot was also in the shade, but the heat was definitely still there. Nobody complained about a sudden shot of water with the water gun, even if it was unexpectedly aimed at the back of the neck. The stairs were anything but easy to approach and also really long - so you had to find the perfect angle to hit them. Djai Marchena fought his way from a kickflip to a 360 flip, Tim Otto managed a perfect backside flip after some attempts and Wisse de Weert flew past filmer Tim Kosta's fisheye with a huge switch backside 180. In between, there was a session at the rail with the long end, see what was going on there in the photos. Then, Bert Roeterdink had the idea to skate the rail with the inward bent end. A smith grind was halfway believable, but to stomp a frontside lipslide was gnarly - especially because it was quite short. Bert actually managed the sick move and was immediately drenched with water guns upon rolling away. A worthy winner of the second spot and end to an event that was definitely worth the train ride there!