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Created by T. Gentsch | Feature

Titus 40 Years | Summer Feast & Anniversary Party

Skateboarding, fire and loads of beer!

Fotos: Dennis Scholz & Thomas Gentsch

40 years of Titus, 40 years of dedication to skateboarding - that's what we want to celebrate! Each year, our annual “Battle of the Shops” contest brings all our shop riders together to compete for their local Titus shop. Considering our special anniversary this year, we had to put something really epic together for BOTS 2018. Instead of taking place at a skatepark in our region, the contest actually took place at three street spots in Münster, the hometown of Titus! We rented a London-style double decker bus, packed up a whole lot of beer for the crew, and tore apart several of Münster’s finest spots. With over 80 skaters present, the trip was made truly special due to a guest visit from none other than the legendary Chad Muska. Actually, Muska was really only “hired” to be our DJ for our party later that evening, but nonetheless, Chad hyped up the crew the whole day (especially on the microphone with MC Jeremy Reinhard) and even skated several of the spots with everyone! By the end, 3 spots turned into 5 and we were never kicked out of a single spot! You just couldn’t ask for a better day than that.

Around 7 that evening, the skaters and a crowd of guests began arriving to Skaters Palace at the Titus headquarters. The party-goers included not only legendary skaters and Titus friends from the German scene, but also Europe and even the United States. George Powell and his wife Juli made the trip all the way from the US, in addition to Jeff Kendall and Gavin Denike from NHS Distribution and Joey Pulsifer from ACE trucks. Nils Gebbers, Richie Löffler, Jörg Ludewig, Tobi Oehme, Mike Sprunkel, Ralf Middendorf, Max Ritter, Ingo Naschold, Chris Allen, Ruedi Herger, Mirko Wagner and Bernd Gallus were of course with us as well and media representatives Carsten Bauer, Markus König and David Luther. After the dinner feast, we had an awards ceremony for the day’s BOTS event which led into a thank you speech from Julius and Titus himself. The speech ended with the cutting of a giant, skateboard shaped cake.

It just wouldn’t be a Titus party without fire, so we lit up a burning hippie jump bar and had a session through the flames! The highest jump went to Tjimen Suedman from (Titus) Berlin. Around midnight, DJ Muska flipped on his turntable and hyped the crowd up like crazy. From here, the memories start to blur a bit, but this is just a sign that it was an awesome party! Everyone celebrated into the early morning. Luckily, guests didn’t have to go far to get to bed, as some on-site beds were even reserved right upstairs at Skater’s Palace.

We must send an extra special thank you to all the partners and sponsors who helped make our gathering such a success: Stadtwerke Münster, Think-Computer Systems, Strat.o.sys, Superfreunde, Jägermeister and the whole Team from Skaters Palace – Thank you for your support. We would also like to give an extended thank you to all skaters and team riders, business partners, the Titus family, Chad Muska and especially Julius Dittmann for the Titus 40 Years Party – without you, it wouldn't have been as great as it was!

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