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Skateboard Complete | The perfect skateboard for beginners

Start skating right away with the perfect set-up!

Getting started with a complete skateboard!

- Finding the right skateboard for me
- Complete skateboards for kids
- Complete Skateboards for teens
- Complete skateboards for adults

- Helmets and protection gear
- Skate accessories for beginners
- Conclusion


If you’re new to skateboarding, it can be a bit overwhelming when you discover how many components actually come together to assemble a skateboard. From trucks, wheels, decks, bearings, griptape, and hardware, there’s a lot to coordinate when building your first skateboard – not to mention all the new terms and sizes for everything! Luckily, skateboards also come professionally assembled as Complete Skateboards. We’ll explain everything you need to know!

First of all, skateboards should always be purchased in an actual skateboard shop and not a supermarket or department store. We’re not just saying this in our best interest. Rather, mass produced skateboards sold in these locations are not produced by actual skateboarding companies. The components of these skateboards are significantly lower quality, to the point where the products can simply be dangerous. Skateboards are a get-what-you-pay-for kind of product. You can get a high-quality complete skateboard for less than the price of buying each individual component. Plus, a complete skateboard gives you a good “base” to work with, so that you can replace specific components like the deck or wheels when they are worn out.

How do I find the right skateboard for me?

As previously mentioned, it can be hard for beginners to find the perfect set-up for them. A “Set-up” refers to the entire skateboard, i.e. Deck, Trucks, Wheels and Bearings.  All of these components must be properly sized to coordinate with one another, which is the case for all complete skateboards in our shop. Still, even complete skateboards come in different sizes and shapes. The most important thing to consider when choosing a skateboard is your body and shoe size. Simply put, the width of a skateboard should be close to the size of your feet. Lengths generally do not vary greatly, but the length should also coordinate with the size of your body. Take a look at our size chart to get a better idea of how to find the correct size skateboard for you.

Complete skateboard for kids:

While the size chart can give you an idea of what skateboard will work for you, there is also an element of personal taste in determining what size skateboard you prefer. It’s possible for even children to ride adult size skateboards, but the board will be heavier and harder to learn tricks on. Therefore, it can be a better option to check out a complete skateboard specifically for kids. For example, our Titus Micro and Mini Completes are designed for young skaters to get started with. These complete skateboards are also equipped with softer wheels and truck bushings, making the board easier to control while turning and offering a smoother ride. The deck graphics are also specially designed for children. Kids Skateboards are ideal for kids up to 130cm in height.


Complete skateboard for teens:

Experience has shown that teenagers usually have more fun on a slightly larger/wider skateboard than a kid’s skateboard. Most teens also weigh a bit more, meaning you won’t need extra soft truck bushings. Since teens often have a greater sense of stability, most can handle harder, faster wheels as well. However, soft wheels are still ideal for skaters who must often skate on rough surfaces as they offer a smoother ride.


Complete skateboard for adults:

Complete skateboards are not only for beginners! Especially for those who used to skate years ago but would like to get back into it, we have the perfect complete for you. You can get the same quality as a pro-level set-up with our Titus T-Fiber completes. The deck features a fiberglass reinforced ply, giving the board outstanding and long-lasting pop. In addition, the hard 101A Core wheels are fitted with Titus Tornado’s Superior bearings, allowing unlimited speed when you need it.


Helmets and Protection Gear:

Helmets and protection gear like knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards are a must-have and are highly recommended for children and beginners. Falling down is a natural part of progression in skateboarding. Protective gear can give you both confidence and the ability to get back up and try a trick again without the pain of a fall. This also results in faster progression. Safety should always come first and the right gear can ensure that you can enjoy skateboarding for longer. There are many different sizes and designs of protection equipment. Plus, you always have the option of putting some stickers from your favorite brands on your helmet, giving it a cool look. In our shop, you’ll find protective gear made specifically for skateboarding, offering freedom of movement and optimal protection for skate falls. There’s also complete protection gear sets, including knee, elbow, and wrist guards in one set. Finally, arguably the most important protective item to consider is a skateboarding Helmet. A helmet made for skateboarding is critical because bicycle helmets do not provide enough protection for the back of the head during falls!

Useful skate accessories for beginners:


In addition to a high-quality skateboard, you should also consider the right footwear. In typical running or fashion shoes, you won't feel or control the skateboard properly, greatly increasing your risk of injury. Titus has a huge selection of skate shoes for men, women, and children from all the greatest skate shoe brands. You’ll find classics from Vans, stylish skate shoes from Nike and Adidas Skateboarding, and core skate shoe brands like Es and Etnies.


A skate tool features all the tool and socket sizes you need to assemble a skateboard in one compact design. Skate tools are very handy because you can easily bring it along with you to adjust your trucks or wheels when out skating. They will fit in your backpack and some even in your pocket.


A complete skateboard is the best option for new skaters to get a quality, properly coordinated skateboard right out of the box. Completes come in many shapes and sizes, so be sure to pick a complete that suits your shoe and body size as well as your personal preference. Buying a complete from a real skate shop will make a massive difference in the quality of the skateboard you receive. A complete is also a great basis for beginners because individual parts can then be replaced on an as-needed basis. Always remember to have fun as you get to know the world of skateboarding!

Various completes at Titus:

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