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Pro Freestyle | The Hague

International Open Skateboarding Contest at the "Beach Stadium"

I can still hear the cracking of the florescent light tubes days later - the Titus van was simply too big for the underground garage! These are the first thoughts that come to my mind 3 days after the Pro Freestyle Open Skateboarding Contest at The Hague. Everything had started so well in Münster! We had an awesome group of skaters consisting of Team Titus riders Jost Arens and Patrick Rogalski as well as several shop riders. Everyone was hyped not only to head to Holland, but also to a beach! After a 3 hour drive, we arrived to a hotel in Scheveningen and we were getting ready to check in. So, of course, the van had to be parked nearby, for which I volunteered to take it to a parking garage. The car park said it had 2.30m of clearance, what it didn’t say was that the florescent lights hanging from the ceiling were a bit lower than that. Just low enough to slam into the roof of the van, breaking the running lights on the top of the van. Damn, what a start to the trip!

Luckily, the parking garage mishap was really the only drawback on this great May weekend. While the sun wasn’t shining much, it never rained and some epic skateboarding was able to go down. Events like this just show how advanced the level of European skateboarding is nowadays. Unfortunately, nobody from our travel group made it to the finals, but Titus Tornados rider Lenni Pfeiffer held it down for his home country of Austria in the finals. Among the girls, Lea Schäfer got a third place spot and our friend Justin Sommer won the Titus Best Trick contest. A special thanks to Mathijs Tromps and all the other skaters that made it happen!

Top Rankings


1. Mauro Iglesias
2. Matias del Oilio
3. Richard Tury
4. Maxim Habanec
5. Lenni Pfeiffer
6. Rob Maatman
7. Mano Wolf
8. Justin Sommer

Best Trick:

Justin Sommer – Kickflip Bodyvarial transfer


1. Keet Oldenbeuving
2. Lore Bruggeman
3. Lea Schaefer
4. Caroline Dynybil
5. Sanne van Linder