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Created by T. Gentsch | News

Go Skateboarding Day 2018 | Cologne

KAP + Gaffel Beer + Titus Stuff + Adidas = Awesome day

Photos: Enno Schmitt
Translation: M. Kuncaitis

As with many  cities in Germany, a special event took place on Go Skateboarding Day at KAP 686 in Cologne. Thanks to the huge support of Titus Cologne and shop manager Jeremy Reinhard, the Cologne locals took part in best trick events on 7 different obstacles. The best trick winners from each were rewarded with some cool gear from Titus and Adidas. Jerry also organized a few crates of Gaffel Kölsch beer to keep the skaters hydrated and the good vibes flowing!

There was excellent weather this given Thursday in the Rhine region which helped bring out a good crowd of locals as well as skaters from the surrounding area. The skaters met at the plaza and even Tyler Marks showed up from the United States. Patrick Bös, known as one of the “OG's” of Kap Plaza, also didn't miss the chance to drop by and win a quick manual pad showdown. There was a line contest on the “two ledges in a row” section which was won by Julian Mahlberg. The great weather also brought quite a few spectators who were walking down the Rhine, giving them a first person view of some great skateboarding. With great skating also comes a few slams, especially with a kicker that was at the park. Luckily, Patrick Bös and Bobby Grey walked away from pretty gnarly slams due to the kicker without major injury. After the last prizes were handed out, the session carried on until the sun went down – the perfect ending to a perfect go skate day! Thanks to all the sponsors involved and remember:  Every day is Go Skateboarding Day!