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DIY Riot 2019 | Beer, Bowl & Barrels

Is Alex Ullmann gonna break his own record of 13 barrels?

Münster’s Vainstream Rockfest took place for the first time in 2006, but you may not have known that it’s had a connection to skateboarding since the beginning! The Münster Monster Mastership was supposed to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2006. However, due to several top sponsors of the skate event bailing out, the contest unfortunately had to be cancelled. What couldn’t be cancelled were the rock bands who had been booked to perform the night of the event. So, in true DIY-fashion, a music festival was created on-the-spot! Since then, Vainstream Rockfest has taken place every year, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the DIY-Riot has accompanied the Rockfest and it has a connection to skateboarding again! Now, we’re keeping it going in 2019!

Unlike the first Rockfest, the festival is now planned well in advance and has a fixed date each year (in addition to the DIY-Riot). Therefore, 27.06.2020 has already been booked, so mark your calendar! Each year, the DIY-Riot is visited by more and more top skaters and we’re always trying to improve the event. Unfortunately, this year the event took place on the same weekend as the Munich Mash Roller Coaster contest and several invited skaters were injured. Regardless, several phone calls and emails later, a squad of German rippers and even some surprise international guests showed up. The DIY-Riot could begin…

What began as a bowl contest has since evolved into our own little “shred festival”. The crowd favorite “barrel jump” side event returned this year and with it came last year’s winners Deo Katunga and Alex Ullmann along with fellow rippers Jan Hoffmann and Stjepan Lovric. Further events included a race challenge, cash for tricks, best line, and the final “VHS Challenge”. In this case, VHS stood for “Very High Shit” and featured a “bookshelf” with skate VHS tapes that worked as a wallride or high ledge. In total, the five events not only gave spectators their money’s worth, but usually had them laughing their faces off.


In addition to the aforementioned crew of Munich dudes, Toon Dierckx arrived from Belgium and Robin Fifield came over from the Netherlands. Lucas Languasco also came on short notice from Paris and together with the local rippers, a hard-hitting crew of skaters were assembled to take on the event. As with every year, Christian Krause impressed the crowd with several tricks on the side bank and Lucas also landed the first Bs Lipslide in the history of the contest. Alex Ullmann and the "Masks Crew" won the Race Challenge - and Alex nearly jumped a barrel more than last year. So, the barrel jump record remains at 13 kegs (set by Alex himself), but the crowd was still out of control.

When it got dark, the VHS-Wallride was assembled. Toon got the crowd hyped with a super high turn and even a gnarly rock ‘n roll. Not to mention, Tim Blisterveld, who landed a layback frontside rock at the top. The fifth DIY-Riot ended with a literal bang as a firework show brought it to an end. Everyone said goodbye at the Vans-Afterparty at the AMP and it was once again a successful riot! Thank you to all the sponsors and skaters who make DIY-Riot the crowd-pleaser contest of Münster: You guys are the best!