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DC Shoes | SO_LO_DOWN Berlin

Going spot to spot through the capital with the DC coach

In early July 2019, International Fashion Week returned to the great city of Berlin. The official Bright Skateboard Tradeshow may not have been present this year, but that didn’t stop both skaters and companies from making the pilgrimage to the capital city to network and skate in the summer heat. Among them was DC Shoes, who presented a special event for the Berlin skaters (and the DC pro team), featuring a coach bus traveling from spot to spot. The plan was to take the busses to two street spots and then to Fluxbau, a Kreuzberg club on the banks of the Spree River.

A special street course awaited the skaters right on the terrace of the club for the “SO_LO_DOWN - Joined Session” event that night. On occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, Lodown Magazine and SOLO had artistically re-imagined 30 pairs of DC shoes with true Berlin-flair. In addition, guests could paint their own blank DC LYNX shoes for a donation, with proceeds going to Berlin homeless organization Karuna.

The day was set to begin with a meeting point at Titus Berlin - Alexanderplatz. Judging by how many skaters were waiting outside the shop, the idea of a bus tour seemed to have been met with great approval by the scene. After the DC Team arrived, everyone was ready to head to the first spot: The famous Tetris blocks.

Originally meant to just be a warm-up spot, it only took a few minutes for Fabi Lang to pull a few bills out of his wallet and start rewarding the most technical bangers. It should be noted that practically every trick landed was about double the difficulty, considering how many skaters were out for blood all at once. After a good half hour of shredding, the crowd was led towards the next spot of the day: Polendenkmal.

Due to the layout of the spot, there was now a bit more "order".  After just a few minutes, the first tricks had already gone down. The intention was to skate lines, but Joe Hill was one of the first few to actually start hucking down the second set of stairs. After about an hour of skate destruction at the legendary spot, we continued to Fluxbau to party down on the river’s edge. Once past the event bouncers, skaters found a "mini skate area" including a wallride right on the water. Here, the final tricks of the day went down and the skaters enjoyed pizza and burgers.

As the night went on, you could meet and greet with many well-known faces and watch others personalize their own DC LYNX with artistic flair. Thanks to beats from DJ Reaf and Denyo, the party vibes were in full effect and even I got my ass on the dance floor! Thanks to DC for this great day and the team for visiting Berlin. See ya next time!