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BOTS 2019

Battle of the Shops 2019 - Skateboardmadness in Münster

Text: Thomas Gentsch
Photos: Dennis Scholz & Thomas Gentsch

Contests and the best way to host them is a topic that’s often discussed in the skate community today. It’s not without reason that the CPH Open is often regarded as one of the best skate events worldwide. The relaxed concept with tons of beer, few rules, and a focus on having fun skateboarding is always well received. The "Battle of the Shops", BOTS for short, follows a similar idea. All Titus shop team skaters from each individual shop, the Tornados Bearings team, Lites Trucks and the Titus Skateboards team meet once a year to compete with their respective team against the others. For last year's Titus 40th anniversary event, it was decided to take the contest “on the road” and bring the skaters to three street spots using a bus. The judging was conducted using a "Coins 4 Tricks" concept that proved to be extremely practical last summer. After last year’s turnout, it was difficult to hold the event in a skatepark again like the contest used to be. We rented a bus and set out to destroy some new spots in Münster with all the riders. Welcome to BOTS 2019!

For 2019, three street spots had again been selected, but the original "Fürstenbergplatz" spot had to be exchanged for the good old "Stadtwerke" spot due to a festival. In the end, it didn't really matter as most of the skaters were hyped to warm up with a ledge session - the enthusiasm at the spot spoke for itself.

The next spot was intended to be "Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg", but a stair set just around the corner near the "Borchert-Theater" proved to be a great surprise spot. Rarely do you see so many insane tricks one after another. Here, Reece Knobloch blew up the spot with a Fakie 360 Double Flip.

The next spot was a schoolyard with ledges and a drop, but unfortunately a rain shower passed by cutting the session short. In hindsight, it was actually good timing as we had pizza for all the riders to enjoy under a covered area by the school.

The rain radar showed that it should soon dry up, so we decided to “bridge” the time by heading to a bank-to-wall spot under a bridge in Hiltrup. A great decision as we got a session in while the sun came out and dried up the final spot: a triple set in Hiltrup.


Very few tricks have ever gone down at the Hiltrup triple set. Since it’s so massive, it was even discussed whether the spot was simply too big for the contest.

But, what can we say, the skaters just handled it! Reece stomped a heelflip down it while I was still getting my camera ready! Just a few tries later he had landed a body varial and even attempted a backside 360 several times before admitting defeat.

Meanwhile, Josh Junkes threw down a fat hardflip and Tabo Löchelt landed a perfect backside flip. Damn, THAT was a seriously gnarly session!

In the end, the Titus Tornados team took the victory from the Titus Skateboards team at the last second. The winners were announced at the Titus summer party that evening and were celebrated extensively into the early morning hours. Thanks to all skaters, organization by Christian Blümle, and to our special host Flo Marfaing. Finally, not to forget our bus driver Kesse, who we hope to have for next year’s BOTS event!!!