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Cashpoints - The bonus point system of titus-shop.com

You can earn cashpoints with every order you make from Titus. The Cashpoints amount is displayed by the item. You can also earn Cashpoints by following us on social media, writing reviews, signing up for the newsletter, etc. A maximum of 150 Cashpoints can be collected in this way per month. 

Once you've collected enough cashpoints, you can redeem them for purchases at titus-shop.com.


  • 250 Cashpoints: Voucher € 10,00
  • 500 Cashpoints: Voucher € 25,00
  • 750 Cashpoints: Voucher € 50,00
  • 1000 Cashpoints: Voucher € 75,00

* 01/2019

All vouchers purchased in foreign currencies will be converted accordingly! 

Earn Cashpoints, Save Money!


Titus GmbH
Scheibenstr. 121
48153 Münster
HRB 4949
Amtsgericht Münster

General Management: Julius Dittmann, Carsten Schwering

The Cashpoints Program

The Cashpoints Program is designed to reward loyal Titus customers. The Cashpoints program is operated and published by Titus GmbH (“titus”).

The following conditions apply to participants who earn Cashpoints, redeem Cashpoints, and for the general use and procedures of the Cashpoints system.

  1. Participation Conditions

1.1 General Info

Upon registration for the Cashpoints program, the customer declares full agreement to the terms and conditions of the program.

1.2 Participation

Participating in the Cashpoints Program is free of charge to all customers. There is no legal claim to admittance as a participant. Titus GmbH reserves the right to reject any customer’s participation from the Cashpoints Program without reason.

1.3 Eligible Participants

All human people are eligible to take part in the Cashpoints Program.

1.4 The Beginning of Participation
Participation in the Cashpoints Program begins immediately after the customer signs up for the program.

  1. Cashpoints

2.1 General Info

Cashpoints are only eligible to be used for the purposes mentioned in these conditions and other customer information.

2.2 Earning Cashpoints

Cashpoints can be collected immediately after logging in or registering as a customer with Titus GmbH for the Cashpoints program. It is not possible to collect Cashpoints when ordering as a guest.

Customers receive Cashpoints for every order placed with Titus GmbH (both online and by telephone) and for every purchase in a physical Titus Shop location (including franchise shop locations). Point collection takes place when the customer registers as a customer, follows the corresponding steps, and places an order using his/her customer profile. The customer receives 1 Cashpoint per 1 Euro/CHF/DKK/GBP value of goods (shipping costs and other fees excluded). Each product - except gift vouchers - in our webshop and in physical Titus shops is assigned a certain amount of Cashpoints. The amount of Cashpoints available for each product is displayed in our webshop under the item price on the product’s page. We cannot guarantee that Cashpoint values will be stated for each item in physical Titus shops. For this reason, the number of Cashpoints can be requested at the checkout when shopping in a physical Titus store.

Cashpoints can also be earned by participating in online polls or competitions.

Cashpoints earned on an order become valid 30 days after the order was made.

If a customer decides to cancel an order (to receive a refund of any kind, to exchange an item for goods or account credit, or to adjust the order), Titus GmbH reserves the right to cancel or adjust your Cashpoints credit to prevent abuse or accounting errors. Cashpoints are not transferable.  

Cashpoints cannot be split between several currencies. It is not possible for Cashpoints to be collected for several currencies linked to the same customer account. This means that if a billing address changes to a location with a different currency, the Cashpoints from the previous billing address cannot be carried over and used for a billing address in another country with a different currency than that which the Cashpoints were collected. In this scenario, the customer shall contact our customer service department to find a solution.

2.3 Cashpoints Balance

A customer’s Cashpoints balance is linked to their customer number and can be found under their customer account. The balance is found on www.titus-shop.com on the “my account” page.

2.4 Redeeming your Cashpoints

Cashpoints can only be redeemed in our online webshop, given that enough Cashpoints have been collected. The first Cashpoints collected will be the first that are redeemed. The required Cashpoints for vouchers and/or merchandise can be found on www.titus-shop.com.

2.5 Abuse

Purchase and sale, swapping, selling by auction or any other transmission of rewards to third parties is prohibited. Furthermore, any unauthorized claim to rewards is prohibited.

In the instance that a customer is thought to have abused or violated the terms of use for Cashpoints, Titus GmbH reserves the right to deny the redemption or earning of Cashpoints by a customer. In this instance, the customer is required to contact our service center at service@titus-shop.com to discuss further participation in the Cashpoints program.

In addition, Titus GmbH reserves the right to claim damages and further demands with a customer in cases of abuse or ill-conceived behavior of a customer (negative Cashpoints balance). The customer reserves the right to demonstrate that they did not have ill-intent, that damage was not incurred, or that damage has been incurred to a lesser degree.

2.6 Expiration of Cashpoints

Cashpoints will expire two years after they have been credited to the customer’s account. The customer will be notified with a sufficient lead time before the Cashpoints expire.


  1. Breach of Terms and Conditions, Termination, and Changes to the Cashpoints Program

3.1 Termination, Suspension, and Exclusion of Participants

The customer can terminate their contract with the Cashpoints program at any time, without reason, without a period of notice.

Termination of a customer’s participation in the Cashpoints program by Titus GmbH is possible with a notification period of 3 months. A termination without notice by Titus GmbH is only possible if the customer has violated the stated terms and conditions. In this case, Titus GmbH reserves the right to cancel and/or block the customer’s Cashpoints balance. If such a cancellation occurs, the customer is not entitled to renewed participation in the Cashpoints program. Terminations must be made in writing.

3.2 Cashpoint Validity in the Case of Termination

In the case of a termination made by Titus GmbH or by the customer, all Cashpoints will be deleted immediately upon termination notice. In the case of justified termination without notice by Titus GmbH, Cashpoints lose their validity immediately.

3.3 Program termination, General Changes, or Changes in the Participation Conditions

Titus GmbH reserves the right to terminate the Cashpoints program, to add details to the program, or to modify the program, given that they have informed users prior to said changes. In justified cases, Titus GmbH reserves the right to terminate the Cashpoints program subject to customer claims.

Titus GmbH reserves the right to change or add to the terms and conditions, the rewards, or other processes of the Cashpoints program if deemed necessary. In these cases the participant will not be punished.

4. Data Protection

The necessary data for customer participation in the Cashpoints program is used for purposes of running the Cashpoints program. Specific information regarding data protection can be found in the “Data Protection” page on www.titus-shop.com.

  1. Applicable Law

German law applies to the Cashpoints program. If the participant has no general domestic place of jurisdiction in Germany, the place of jurisdiction is Muenster, Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Moreover, a member can be subject to legal proceedings at his normal place of jurisdiction or at another place where jurisdiction applies.

  1. Severability Clause

Should individual provisions of this contract be ineffective or unenforceable or become ineffective or unenforceable after the conclusion of the contract, no ineffectiveness of provisions regarding the Terms and Conditions shall affect the legal effectiveness of remaining provisions.