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Polar Skate Co

Polar Skate Co - „wallride, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeaaaaaahh!“

The Polar Skate Co.’s logo. The Polar Skate Co. was founded in 2011 by the Swedish skateboard legend Pontus Alv. The skateboarder, artist and starter of a global “DIY movement” is enjoying a sort of metaphorical second adolescence with his successful skateboard brand. The Polar Skate Co. is a company for skaters, by skaters, free from investors in suits that have never even laid a foot on a skateboard of their own and still want to tell people how to run a skateboard company.

The Polar Skate Company: Creative Ideas

Polar mastermind Pontus Alv with a wallride. Pontus and his childhood friends Stefan Narancic and team rider Jakke Ovgren are responsible for the Poalr Skate Co.’s unique graphics. They range from drawings by Ponuts’ dad that belong in a children’s book, to humorous illustrations that rival World Industry’s decks in the 90s, to purist, absolutely Scandinavian designs that would please any modern art connoisseur. The Polar Skate Co. rejects boring logo boards in multiple colorways and considers every deck in their series as being one-of-a-kind. The boards are made in the world-renowned Generator Woodshop (Real, Anti Hero, Magenta) out of 100% “Hardrock” Canadian maple wood.

The Polar Skate Co. Pro TeamThe Polar Skate Co. Crew. The Polar Skate Co Pro Team is comprised of Pontus Alv himself, Hjalte Halberg, Jerome Campbell, Aaron Herrington and Michael Juras. The international, first-class team definitely serves as adequate representation of Polar Skate decks. In addition to excellent skateboards, Pontus’ team sells t-shirts, caps, beanies and hoodies with the iconic Polar Skate Co. circle logo and made from high-quality fabrics - and 100% made in Europe! Epic Endless Stoke! Stay inspired.