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The Mob grip logo.

Mob Griptape: No Bubbles, No Troubles!

Every skater knows the truth: a good setup is more than just a deck, wheels and trucks. One of the most important components is that good old black gold of the skate scene: griptape!. You need self-adhesive grip to keep your feet on your board, of course, and the best grip tape can offer you a bubble-free application and powerful grip during long sessions. Sounds simple, but producing high-quality griptape is no easy task! Anti-bubble technology is an important component of good griptape and is a Mob grip standard.  Mob grip with a Suicidal Tendencies graphic.

Prints are the New Black: Mob Griptape Designs

Mob Griptape quickly grew in popularity and is a big player in the industry today. In addition to classic black griptape, Mob has a wide variety of designs and prints available. More subtle looks like a small Thrasher Magazine logo, colorful pictures of half-naked chicks or Star Wars movie scenes are just a miniature sampling of the crazy designs Mob sells. Mob has a bunch of licensing agreements with bands like Iron Maiden, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Motörhead, too. Mob is owned by NHS Distribution, who also own Santa Cruz, Creature, Flip and OJ Wheels. Mob Grip team rider David Gravette.

The Pros Swear by Mob Grip

A high-quality product like Mob Grip is of course well-loved by the pros, who need to have the best of the best. No surprise that Mob has some of the biggest names in skateboarding on their team! Daewon Song, David Gonzalez, Curren Caples, Ben Raybourn, Geoff Rowley, Jamie Thomas, Greg Lutzka, David Gravette, Louie Barletta, Marc Johnson, Mikey Taylor, Nyjah Huston, Rune Glifberg, Sebo Walker, Stefan Janoski, Tommy Sandoval and many, many more skate for Mob.