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Meow Skateboards

The Meow Skateboards logo.

Meow Skateboards Anybody who’s not totally naïve knows that skateboarding is a male-dominated scene. There are obviously tons of female skaters out there, but they don’t really have anybody advocating on their behalf. That’s super unfortunate, of course, because there are plenty of ladies who are talented, practice every day and are just as dedicated to skating as the guys are, but they have a way harder time finding sponsors. Lisa Whitaker, an enthusiastic skater, got sick and tired of all the underrepresentation of women in the skateboarding industry. In addition to the Girls Skate Network, an online platform for female skaters, Lisa started her own “women only” deck label with a tax rebate and called it Meow Skateboards.  Meow Skateboards’ Marissa Martinez.

Supporting Female Skaters: Meow!

Meow was intended to be a community as well as a skate label. Meow decks are designed specifically with their female customers in mind. No surprise: the graphics usually feature cats in some way, shape or form. In addition to skateboards, the label sells a wide variety of streetwear as well. The Meow Skateboards team: Vanessa Torres, Amy Caron, Lacey Baker, Tierra Cobb, Marissa Martinez, Savannah Headden and Shari White.

The Meow Skateboards All-Girls Team

Lisa Whitaker’s original goal was to support female skateboarders, and her dedication eventually led to the creation of an all-girls team. In addition to Lacey Baker, who won the Street League Super Crown in the Women’s Section, Mariah Duran and Vanessa Torres are also pros on the team. Kristin Ebeling, Shari White, Nika Washington, Annie Guglia, Savannah Headden, Marissa Martinez and Tierra Cobb make up their amateur team. Amy Caron is also considered a part of the family.