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Independent 149 Stage 11 Polished Standard

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€ 37,99 incl.excl. BTW, gratis verzending
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Independent Truck Company sets the standard for quality with the 149 Stage 11 Polished...meer
Independent Truck Company sets the standard for quality with the 149 Stage 11 Polished Standard Truck!

Built to grind, baby! The 149 Stage 11 Polished Standard Truck is an iconic truck design for a reason, outstanding quality! Trusted by the world's best skaters, Indy's are known for their incredible longevity and strength. The 149 model is ideal for decks between 8.25" and 8.65" wide and has an 8.5" wide axle.

The 149 Truck has a "high" design. The Stage 11 axle geometry is the latest and greatest from Indy. This design features a slightly lowered kingpin that resists hanging up during grinds and a "no hang-up yoke" hanger to help prevent coping hang-ups.
Hoogte: High | Aanbevolen board maat in inch: 8.25, 8.375, 8.5 |
Materiaal: folgt in Kürze
Artikelnummer: 0122157
GTIN: 0659641857865
Ik ben minimaal 16 jaar oud of de ouder/opvoeder van de genoemde persoon en ik stem in met de verwerking van mijn gegevens zoals de verwerking van verdere gegevens in verbinding met mijn review.
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25 dec. 2021

ive been using independent trucks quite a bit and I think they are very good for people that are starting to skate, they make the ride nice and smooth. nice.

1 mrt. 2021

They are nice, grind like butter and generally are at a good price, but if you like to ride harder or medium bushings then swap out because these trucks come with some really soft bushing! But independents still are butter!

29 okt. 2018
Translated comment:

Super steering performance and the low-sitting kingpin is also awesome.

9 feb. 2018

pretty sweet... will skate till death those babes

7 jan. 2018

best truck forever!!!!!