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Paris 180mm Savant 50°

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The 50° Savant Trucks from Paris look rather unspectacular, but they stay true to the...más
Información del producto
The 50° Savant Trucks from Paris look rather unspectacular, but they stay true to the characteristic design of the company.

Although the truck is actually hard to distinguish from the V2 on the first look, its advantages become evident at closer examination. The forged 180mm hanger provides high stability at an optimized weight. Furthermore, this truck combines the precision of a CNC-truck and the possibility to put inserts on the kingpin, which allows for extremely smooth turns and total stability, even at top speed!

The axles are screwed into the hanger in a patented procedure and they also come with integrated speed rings. This way, it is ensured that the bearings sit perfectly with minimal friction, which allows you to get the maximum speed out of your setup.

The pivot cups consist of high-quality urethane and are a little bit thicker than usual. The top-washers have a collar that encloses the kingpin and guarantees for a perfect seat. The truck comes with the matching 90A Double Barrel Bushings.

In the production process, every single hanger is strictly controlled to ensure the perfect alignment of the axles. Apart from that, every hanger is hand-polished and refined, so you may spot slight optical differences that are in no way due to irregularities regarding the quality or geometry of the truck. All trucks are also machine-controlled. This way, Paris guarantees that the Savant trucks are 100% evenly shaped! The 50° baseplate is perfect for freeriding, especially for technical downhill stretches.

So, if you love the V2, but you want to go for more speed with a truck that offers extremely high quality, you shouldn't spare this investment and get the 50° Savant Trucks from Paris.
Altura: High | Features: Invertido |
Material: 100% metal
Número de artículo: 0254066
GTIN: 0000000000000
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