The rock to fakie is one of the basic transition tricks. In order to learn it, you should find a gentle, low transition and develop a feeling for riding transitions. Simply ride up and down the ramp – slowly at first and not so high. As you get more comfortable with the transition, try it higher and with more speed.


Rock to Fakie | Stance: Regular

Fig. 01

Start off with a relaxed foot position. The back foot should be on the tail, the front foot over the bolts of the front truck.

Fig. 02

Skate upwards into the transition. Don’t worry about sliding slightly out of the bent knee stance – this will not affect the trick.

Fig. 03

Right before the coping, press down on the tail so that the nose slips over it. With a little pressure on the front foot, you set the center of the board down on the coping. In order to do so, the front leg is stretched out and the body follows the motion a little.

Fig. 04

The back foot still remains on the tail. Use it to apply a little pressure and lean back into the transition. That way, you will lead the front truck back in front of the coping. This is the hardest part of the trick since you must be careful not to get stuck with the front truck.

Fig. 05

As soon as the front truck is back in the transition, crouch down a little and roll down the ramp while in a fakie stance.


Rolling back down the ramp is the hard part of the trick, but it gets easier the more you practice. If you're able to roll up the ramp until your wheels are right in front of the coping and back down again, you are almost there.