The ollie is considered the easiest flatland trick and serves as the basis for a lot of other tricks. Requirements for the ollie: you should be able to ride your board fairly securely and you should have a proper sense of balance while on the board.


Ollie | Stance: Regular

Fig. 01

It is important to crouch down a little, prior to the actual jump. The feet are positioned on the board parallel to each other – most of the back foot should be positioned on the tail so that the toes are lined up with the edge of the board. The front foot should be positioned just behind the four bolts of the front truck and with most of the foot on the board. The exact angles and positioning of the feet is something every skater needs to find out for themselves. »Learning by doing« is the mantra here.

Fig. 02-04

Now it's all about popping off the ground together with your board. In order to do so, the back foot needs to push down the tail until it touches the ground. At the same time, you pull the front foot towards the nose. If done properly and fast enough, this causes you and the board to lift off the ground simultaneously.

Fig. 05

The ollie has reached the highest point and the soles of the feet are »sticking« to the griptape again.

Fig. 06-08

The hardest part is over. The important thing now is to keep your feet on the board in order to land. Ideally, each foot should be positioned over the bolts of the trucks when you land. It's important that the shoulders remain parallel to the board throughout the entire trick in order to prevent rotations.