Ollie to Manual

During a manual (or wheelie), you balance on the rear truck of your skateboard. In other words, only two wheels are on the ground. It's advantageous to practice keeping the balance on the flat first. If that goes well, you can look for an obstacle that fits your olllie skills. Of course, you can also do a wheelie in the flat, but here we want to explain the ollie to manual.


Ollie to Manual | Stance: Regular

Fig. 01

In the beginning, simply get ready to do an ollie. The placement of the feet is exactly the same. Crouch down a little and you're ready to go.

Fig. 02

Do the ollie just like you usually would: push down the tail and pull the front foot towards the nose.

Fig. 03

While you're in the air, you should shift most of your weight on the back foot so that there's only a little bit of pressure on the front foot. The board is now in the air diagonally.

Fig. 04

Landing on the back truck is a little bit of a balancing act and rather difficult at first. As you progress, however, it'll get better and you'll pull it off without the tail touching down. The important thing is that most of your weight stays on the back foot. The body itself is leaning forward and the arms are stretched out to help maintain the balance.

Fig. 05

Hold this position. It will help you to perform the manual until the end.

Fig. 06

As soon as the edge of the manual pad is in front of you, prepare yourself for the landing. Lean forwards slightly as you reach the end. Pulling a mini-ollie while you’re in air also can’t hurt in ending the manual. Land it, keep skating, and celebrate your successful trick!