The kickflip is the basis for lots of flip tricks and therefore the foundation for technical skating.

Before you start practicing the trick, you should be comfortable and secure with riding your board and you should have mastered the ollie. If you can do the ollie, you know how the pop works – and that is vital for the kickflip. It's advantageous to learn the trick while rolling rather than while standing still. It's okay if you're rolling slowly, you'll automatically get faster as you progress.


Kickflip | Stance: Goofy

Fig. 01

Place your back foot on the far end of the tail with the ball of the foot on its center. The front foot is positioned between the trucks, close to the bolts of the front truck. The front foot should be placed on the board slightly diagonally with the tip pointing towards the nose. Crouch down in order to build up momentum.

Fig. 02

Push down the tail and at the same time pull the side and toes of the front foot across the nose diagonally. Due to the simultaneous motion, you build up pressure, pop off, and the board rotates in the air.

Fig. 03

When the 360° rotation of the board is complete, you must catch the board with your feet – the rest happens automatically. You land the trick and, ideally, continue on riding.


There's no universal rule for the placement of the feet. It's more a matter of experience. Everyone has their own preferences – some like to place the front foot a little closer to or further away from the nose and some like to place it at a steeper angle. Simply try out what suits you best!

Furthermore, it is very important that the shoulders stay as parallel to the board as possible at all times, and that the body stays straight above the board. It's not that easy in the beginning since your shoulders might want to follow the pulling motion of the foot, which leads to inadvertant and rarely stylish body varials.