The heelflip is a classic move during which, as the name suggests, the board is rotated by 360° around its longitudinal axis using the heel of the foot.


Heelflip | Stance: Goofy

Fig. 01

The back foot is placed on the far end of the tail; the front foot is placed right in front of the bolts of the front truck with the toes either lined up with the edge of the board or hanging over it. The following motion comes out of a crouched stance.

Fig. 02

While the back foot pushes down the tail in order to get it to pop, you pull the front foot towards the nose diagonally. That way, it is mostly the heel which leads the board into its rotation. Here, too, it is important for the shoulders to stay parallel to the board in order to prevent rotations of the body.

Fig. 03

As soon as the 360° rotation of the board is complete, use your back foot to catch the board.

Fig. 04

The front foot follows the back foot back onto the board, and you're ready to land the trick with both feet on the board.