No complies are a lot of fun. By now, the trick is no longer an exception in modern street skating. It livens up each and every line and gives you new drive. The fs version is the most common and also the easiest. It's helpful to have mastered fs 180s prior to learning the no comply.


FS No Comply | Stance: Regular

Fig. 01

The placement of your feet is similar to that of the kickflip. The front foot is somewhat diagonal and right in front of the bolts, and the back foot is in the middle of the tail.

Fig. 02

Instead of popping off like during an fs 180, you quickly step off the board with your front foot. Simultaneously, the back foot pushes down the tail so that it pops off the ground. The fs motion happens due to the movement and turning of shoulders and arms.

Fig. 03

The entire body follows the rotation of the shoulders while the board sticks to the back foot and rotates as well.

Fig. 04

As soon as half of the rotation is complete, you push the front foot off the ground and hop back on the board. If you can get yourself to be comfortable having both feet in the air at the same time, the perfect landing is only a heartbeat away.