FS 50-50

The fs 50-50 is the easiest grind on the ledge and a great basis for lots of other tricks. You've got to get from the flat onto the ledge somehow. An ollie is always a good way to do that, which is why it's a requirement for the 50-50. You should also make sure that the ledge is easy to grind. You can test that with your hands and your board. If it isn't, slap some wax on the edge and you’re ready to go. Approach the ledge cautiously – don’t rush it. In the beginning, it’s always better to take things slowly in order to get a feel for the trick.


FS 50-50 | Stance: Goofy

Fig. 01

Try to land on the edge of the ledge with both trucks simultaneously in order to prevent hang-ups or slipping away.

Fig. 02

Stay relaxed above the ledge. Slightly leaning back positively affects the grind.

Fig. 03

As you approach the end of the ledge, get ready to make a light ollie motion in order to get out of the grind. Stay above the board and try to land with your feet on the bolts.