The pop shove-it is a trick in which you rotate the board by 180° below your feet. If you feel like the ollie is getting too easy for you and you're looking for a more challenging mission, try out the pop shove-it. This trick is also a foundation for several other flatland tricks.


BS (Pop) Shove-It | Stance: Goofy

Fig. 01

The placement of your feet should be similar to that of an ollie. The back foot is positioned on the end of the tail and the front foot is positioned right before the bolts of the front truck but at a slightly sharper angle. Crouch down before the jump in order to build up momentum.

Fig. 02

The motion of the board during a pop shove-it is mainly caused by the back foot. It pushes down the tail so that it pops off, and at the same time the toes push the tail in the direction of your back, creating the rotation. In order for the pop shove-it to work, the front foot is relieved of any pressure and kept as still as possible so that the board doesn't make any unexpected maneuvers.

Fig. 03

If you have executed the motion correctly, your body and shoulders remain in the starting position. As soon as the shove-it motion is completed, the front foot should catch the board in the air.

Fig. 04

Place the back foot back on the board so that both feet are on the board during the downward movement. That way, you can land the trick without problems.