The noseslide is another classic move, which can be combined with a whole bunch of other tricks. Due to the fact that only the nose has to be placed on the ledge, you'll easily reach the edge without having meterhigh ollies in your repertoire. Nonetheless, you should have already mastered the ollie to do this. Being able to do fs 180s is also helpful for learning the bs noseslide.


BS Noseslide | Stance: Goofy

Fig. 01

Don't approach the ledge parallel – a diagonal approach is better here. Get ready to do an fs 180: feet in ollie position, crouch down a little, and send a message to your shoulders that it's go time.

Fig. 02

To get into the slide, you need to do something in between an ollie and a fs 180 – basically, a 90° ollie. Push down the tail, pull the front foot towards the nose, and then initiate the turn of your body with your shoulders.

Fig. 03

After the pop, the front foot should stay in position on the nose. Shift your weight onto the front foot and land on the obstacle with the nose.

Fig. 04

In order to slide, it's important to find the right bodyweight balance. A lot of it should be on the nose so that it stays on the ledge. However, too much weight on the nose slows down or prevents the slide. Try to find the right amount of weight and pressure on the nose.

Fig. 05

When you get to the end of the ledge, a light nollie motion helps you to exit the slide. The shoulders turn back in a parallel position, as does the board. Stay above it and land the trick.