The nose manual is considered the more difficult one of the two onetruck maneuvers. Rolling on only the two front wheels requires a lot of skill and balance but it gets easier with practice. If you want to do a nose manual on an obstacle, you need to be able to do an ollie in order to reach the mannypad. It's also a good idea to practice on flat first.


Ollie to Nose Manual | Stance: Regular

Fig. 01

The feet are in place for the ollie; the crouched stance should be second nature by now.

Fig. 02

Push down the tail and pull the front foot towards the nose in order to get onto the mannypad.

Fig. 03

As soon as you reach the highest point of the ollie, push down the front truck with your front foot in order to land on the nose.

Fig. 04

Landing on the mannypad is a little tricky since the balance of your body has to be just right. Use your arms to find and keep the right posture until the end of the trick.

Fig. 05

Almost done! A light nollie motion is helpful now to get back off the manual pad without touching its edge with the tail. Riding a little faster and using the speed is also helpful here. The landing comes naturally – enjoy the fact that you just learned another trick!