The fs smith is a challenging ledge-trick. You should already be able to do ollies and 50-50s and have a well-trained feel for the movements of your board. Make sure that the ledge is easy to grind. If not, slap on some skate wax!


FS Smith (Curb und Rail) | Stance: Regular

Fig. 01

The approach is once again about parallel to the ledge. Head on also works fine. You're ready to ollie and, of course, crouched down a little.

Fig. 02

As usual, pop off with an ollie. In the air, you should get the board in a diagonal position somewhere between fs tailslide and fs 5-0. Stretch out the front leg a little more so that the nose enters a lower position.

Fig. 03

You land on the obstacle with the back truck diagonally on the edge and the back foot placed deep in the slope of the tail. There should be very little pressure on the front foot, only a little coming from the toes which keeps the board in the current position. That is important in order for you to grind properly and make sure that the front truck doesn't get caught on the obstacle.

Fig. 04

Keep this position and the balance by extending your arms and enjoy the fs smithgrind.

Fig. 05

Applying a little pressure on the tail will get you out of the grind with the board below your feet. Try to land parallel to the ledge and keep rolling.