FS Nosegrind

The nosegrind is one of the more challenging grinds. Requirements are the ollie, the fs 50-50, and the nose manual. In theory, it all sounds very simple: combine an ollie and a nose manual on the edge of a ledge. Easier said than done?


FS Nosegrind | Stance: Regular

Fig. 01

The approach to the ledge should be parallel and done with the feet in ollie position. Prior to the jump, crouch down a little.

Fig. 02

Once again, an ollie takes you up in the air. By now, that motion should be muscle memory.

Fig. 03

At the highest point, just like during a nose manual, you should press down the nose with your front foot. When the front truck touches down on the ledge, it is important to maintain the balance and to make sure that the nose does not touch down as well. Otherwise, hang-ups and bails are very likely consequences.

Fig. 04

Complete the grind in this position. Stretching out your arms helps you maintain balance.

Fig. 04

Exiting the trick is similar to exiting a nose manual. A light nollie motion is helpful in completing the grind. Stay above the board and enjoy the feeling of pulling off a fs nosegrind.