360 FLIP

The 360 flip is one of the more challenging tricks. The board rotates by 360° around both axes. In other words, it performs a kickflip and a 360 shove-it at the same time. That's a lot of movement. It is helpful to know how to do kickflips and how to do pop shove-its before you start learning the 360 flip.


360 Flip | Stance: Goofy

Fig. 01

The placement of the feet is similar to that for the kickflip. The back foot stands on the far end of the tail, the toes slightly hang over the edge of the tail, and the ball of the foot is placed right on the edge. The front foot stands close to the bolts of the front truck, again slightly diagonally. However, for some skaters it is easier if the front foot is closer to the center of the board. Furthermore, the shoulders stay parallel to the board during the trick. Crouching down prior to the jump increases the pressure on the board and builds up momentum.

Fig. 02

The pressure is essential for the extent of the rotation. During the pop, the front foot initiates the kickflip while the back foot – with a lot of force – creates the pop shove-it motion. It actually takes quite a lot of energy to get the rotation right. Most of the energy comes from the back foot. During the trick, the board rotates between the open legs.

Fig. 03

After the rotation is complete, the front foot catches the board.

Fig: 04

The back foot follows the front foot onto the board. You're now prepared for landing and rolling off.