The Titus Skateboard Guide

Is skateboarding a closed book for you? Have you heard of an ollie or deck before, but still don’t exactly what to expect?! Don’t be discouraged and put your board on the shelf quite yet - check out our online skateboard guide instead! On the following pages, we’ve complied tons of great information about the world of skateboarding for your reading pleasure.

In addition to details covering various components like trucks, wheels, decks and bearings, you’ll find lots of beginning basic tricks as well as more demanding curb, rail and flat tricks to take your skating to a whole new level!

Check out our skateboard guide and find out everything there is to know about boards with four wheels!


A setup refers to the components a skateboard is comprised of. In this rubric, you’ll find all the information you need regarding a skateboard’s most important component - the deck - as well as trucks, wheels, bearings and all other parts worth knowing about.

If you have a specific problem regarding skate hardware, take a look at our skateboard guide and you’ll find all the information you need!

Trick Tips

In our Trick Tip section, you’ll find useful introductions to basic tricks like ollies and kickflips, but also more demanding tricks for advanced skaters. Whether on a flat, curb, rail or in a transition, we’ve got all the right info to help you kill the spot at your next session!

Check out our tips and discover your new favorite trick!

Obstacle ABC

In skateboarding, an obstacle is basically anything you can do tricks on. The possibilities range from a simple ledge to a mega ramp. In order to get familiar with the most important ones, we'll explain them to you in our Obstacle ABC.